The Napier-Railton is an aero-engined race car built in 1933, designed by Reid Railton to a commission by John Cobb, and built by Thomson & Taylor. It was driven by Cobb, mainly at Brooklands race track where it holds the all-time lap record which stands in perpetuity since the track fell into disuse during the Second World War.

Between 1933 and 1937 the Napier-Railton broke 47 World speed records at Brooklands, Montlhéry and Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

The car is powered by an unsupercharged Napier Lion, a W12 of capacity, producing just over 500 brake horse power at 2200 revolutions per minute. The 12 cylinders are in three banks of four, hence the triple exhaust system. The crash gearbox has 3 ratios. The fuel tank has a capacity of 65 gallons and fuel consumption was approximately 5 mpg. Although capable of the car has rear wheel braking only.

It is currently on display at the Brooklands Museum. It is in working order and is run at least twice a year, in March and November.

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