Ragnarites are a fictional religious group in Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy world setting. Ragnarites are common name for the followers of Order of the Winter Throne which is Lesser Order of Ulric.

Ragnarites were found by a White Wolf named Brother-Templar Ragnar Franzsson in the beginning of 20th century in Warhammer Timeline (IC). This isolated order was controversially taken into the Cult of Ulric in 1975 IC by Ar-Ulric Franzsson, which was Ragnar Franzsson's grandson.

Order of Winter Throne

Ragnarites and the Order of the Winter Throne is featured in the (WFRP2) supplement Tome of Salvation.

  • The order has secluded monasteries of ascetics scattered throughout the colder regions of Nordland, Ostland, Kislev and southern Norsca.
  • Ragnarites call god Ulric the "Snow King".
  • The Ragnarite main teaching is that everyone should repair and train for the "Evernacht" - an eternal winter that will choke the life from Ulric's greatest enemies, the Ruinous Powers. To this end, the order uses extreme measures - sacrificing food, and raiding and burning food silos and storage areas, forcing people to survive through winter with negligible supplies.
  • The Ragnarite leader is titled Ulricsson. Ulricsson in 2522 IC is a greying giant of a Norseman who, it is said, has not spoken for over thirty years, and consumes only melted snow.
  • The legendary headquarters of the order is Ulric's Throat, a cave system in Norsca discovered by the order's founder. It is rumoured that the cave hides the mysterious Throne of the Snow King, although its nature is unclear.


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