Raglan, Fitzroy James Henry Somerset,Baron

Raglan, Fitzroy James Henry Somerset,Baron

Raglan, Fitzroy James Henry Somerset, 1st Baron, 1788-1855, British general. He entered the army in 1804 and was made (1814) a lieutenant colonel for his services on the duke of Wellington's staff in the Peninsular War. He was secretary of the embassy in Paris when Napoleon reentered Paris (1815), and he lost an arm at the battle of Waterloo. Raglan became secretary to Wellington in 1818, retaining that position until the latter's death (1852) when Raglan succeeded him as master general of ordinance. He was raised to the peerage in the same year. As commander of the British force in the Crimean War, Raglan again showed himself a brave officer and was made field marshal after the battle of Inkerman. However, he was handicapped by his joint command with the French commander, Marshal Saint-Arnaud, by weather conditions, and by the inefficiency of government departments and became the object of bitter criticism because of slow military progress and the sufferings of the troops. The failure of the attack on Sevastopol hastened his death from disease before the end of the war. The raglan, an overcoat in which the sleeves go directly to the neck without shoulder seams, was named for Lord Raglan.

See C. Hibbert, The Destruction of Lord Raglan (1961, repr. 1963).

Henry Somerset, 5th Duke of Beaufort KG (October 16 1744October 11, 1803) was the only son of Charles Noel Somerset, 4th Duke of Beaufort and his wife, Elizabeth. On his father's death on October 28, 1756, he succeeded him and became 5th Duke of Beaufort.

On January 2 1766 he married Elizabeth Boscawen, daughter of Hon. Edward Boscawen, Admiral of the Blue, and sister to George Evelyn Boscawen, 3rd Viscount Falmouth. With her he had seven sons and two daughters:

  1. Henry Charles Somerset, 6th Duke of Beaufort his heir and successor; and
  2. Lord Charles Henry Somerset (December 2 1767February 18 1831)
  3. Lord Robert Edward Henry Somerset (December 19 1776September 1 1842)
  4. Lord Arthur John Henry Somerset (February 12 1780April 18 1816) who married on June 23 1808 to Elizabeth Boscawen (bef. 1793 – March 2 1872), daughter of Hon. Admiral Edward Boscawen, with whom he had no issue;
  5. Lady Elizabeth Somerset (bef. 1781 – May 5 1836), who was married to Very Reverend Charles Talbot, Dean of Salisbury, grandson of the 1st Baron Talbot of Hensol, on June 27 1796, with whom she had three sons and three daughters;
  6. Lord William George Henry Somerset (September 2 1784January 14 1861), who gained the title of a reverend and held the office of Prebendary of Bristol, and who was married twice, on June 29 1813 to Elizabeth Molyneux, daughter of Lt.-Gen. Sir Thomas Molyneux, 5th Baronet, with whom he had one child, a son, and who died in 1843, and in 1844 to Frances Westby Brady, who died on August 31 1854, with whom he had no issue;
    1. Henry Charles Capel Somerset (June 20 1816January 17 1905), who gained the rank of a Colonel and on September 10 1840 married to Alice Elizabeth O'Connell, daughter of Lt.-Gen. Sir Maurice Charles O'Connell, who died on August 29 1892, and with whom he had — besides a natural daughter — his only child, a son:
      1. Blanche Isabella Somerset, who was married to George Henry Hopkinson, with whom she had only a son;
      2. Charles Bruce Henry Somerset (July 18 1841 – April 1889), who married to Victoria Alice FitzGibbon (d. December 20 1919) on July 31 1862, with whom he had only a daughter:
        1. Sybil Mary Blanche Somerset (d. March 21 1932), who was married to George Frederick Crisp Molyneux-Montgomerie (September 18 1869October 22 1915, k.a.) on June 4 1901, with whom she had two daughters;
  7. Lord John Thomas Henry Somerset (August 30 1787October 3 1846), who gained the rank of a Colonel, and who married to Catherine Annesley, daughter of Arthur Annesley, 1st Earl of Mountnorris on December 4 1814, with whom he had no issue;
  8. Fitzroy James Henry Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan (30 September 178828 June 1855)
  9. Lady Harriet Isabella Elizabeth Somerset, (July 9,1775June 1 1855), who was married to Colonel Henry Hugh Mitchell, (Colonel Mitchell commanded the 51st Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry at the Battle of Waterloo). They had one son, Hugh Andrew Robert Mitchell, (Sept 12th, 1860 – August 21, 1857)and two daughters, Margaret Harriet Isabella Mitchell, (June 4, 1806June 29, 1876) and Charlotte Gertrude Elizabeth Mitchell, (Dec 6th, 1807 – Aug 4th, 1876)

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