Radical Alliance

European Radical Alliance

Group of the European Radical Alliance was a centre-left political group with seats in the European Parliament between 1994 and 1999.


In 1989 the Rainbow Group split. The Greens went off to form the "Green Group", whilst the Regionalists stayed in the rump of Rainbow. The 1994 elections saw a considerable reduction in Regionalist representation in the Parliament, with only the Canary Isles Autonomist, Lega Nord, SNP and VU keeping their MEPs. But Lega Nord had been suspended from the European Free Alliance following its decision to join the coalition Italian government alongside the far-right National Alliance. Given this reduction in numbers, the weakened EFA were no longer able to maintain their own group.

The centre-left French Energie Radicale were considered centrist enough to be possible members of the ELDR group (their successors, the Radical Party of the Left, became observers in the ELDR in 2006) but instead they allied themselves with the members of the Italian Radicals and the rump EFA to form the Group of the European Radical Alliance.

The ERA stayed in existence until 1999, when a loss of support forced the European Free Alliance members of the ERA to rejoin with the Green Group to create the Greens/EFA group.

Member Parties at July 19, 1994

Member state Party MEPs Notes
France Energie Radicale 13
United Kingdom Scottish National Party 2
Italy Italian Radicals 2
Belgium Volksunie/Vlaamse Vrije Democraten 1
Spain Canarian Coalition 1 Isidoro Sánchez García



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