Rabb School of Summer and Continuing Studies

Rabb School of Summer and Continuing Studies


The Brandeis University Rabb School of Continuing Studies offers for-credit and non-credit courses, Masters Degrees and Certificates to the greater community with opportunities for professional development, personal enrichment and lifelong learning.


There are three Divisions within the Rabb School: The Division of Graduate Professional Studies, which offers courses for credit usually towards a Brandeis Masters Degree or Certificate, the Division of the Brandeis University Summer School which offers diverse types of college-credit summer courses, and the Division of the Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning at Brandeis which offers non-credit courses on a host of topics.

Student Population

The population is diverse with students coming from the community in a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and histories. There are usually a few thousand students enrolled annually in credit and non-credit courses. Within the Division of Graduate Professional Studies there are typically more course registrants than actual Masters Degree candidates because of the open-enrollment model.

Enrollment Model

All of the Divisions have open enrollment.

In the for-credit courses in the Division of Graduate Professional Studies, enrollment is open with registration for the three semesters where classes are offered: Winter(January-April), Summer (June-August) and Fall (September-December). The semesters last between 10 to 12 weeks, with classes meeting once a week. The Division of Graduate and Professional Studies offers the Brandeis Masters degree, however there is no GRE required for entry into the Programs, but there is an application process for admission into the Masters Program. Students are required to have a Bachelors degree or equivalent from an accredited institution and are required to fill out an application including statement of interest. However, class registration is open to any interested student as long as they have completed any class prerequisites. Students are invited to take up to three courses without applying for enrollment into one of the Masters Programs.

Housing and Student Aid

None of the Divisions directly offer housing or student stipends or support. Student financial aid is offered through typical channels and is applied for before enrolling in classes. The Division of Graduate Professional Studies is a commuting-type school, typically offering its courses in the evening (about 6 to 9pm) to allow for daytime employment schedules. There is no stipend or living situations offered.

Degrees Offered

The Rabb School Division of Graduate Professional Studies offers a Brandeis Masters degree in four disciplines: Bioinformatics, Management of Projects and Programs (project management), Information Technology Management, Information Assurance, and Software Engineering. These Masters Degrees are not distinguishable from any other Brandeis University Masters degree in that they are a fully conferred Masters degree. Degrees are offered individually or can be combined with guidance. The Programs also offer Certificates.


The Rabb School

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