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Radio Television of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Радио Телевизија Црне Горе, Radio Televizija Crne Gore - hence the acronym RTCG) is the public broadcasting organization of Montenegro. A state-owned company with its headquarters in Podgorica, it is made up of Radio Montenegro (RCG - Radio Crne Gore) and Montenegro Television (TVCG - Televizija Crne Gore). In July 2001 RTCG became a joint member, together with Radio Televizija Srbije (RTS), of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), and became a full member of the EBU upon the declaration of Montenegrin independence in 2006.


The first radio station in the Balkans and South-East Europe was established in Montenegro with the opening of a transmitter situated on the hill of Volujica near Bar by Knjaz Nikola I Petrović-Njegoš on August 3, 1904. Radio Cetinje commenced broadcasts on November 27, 1944 and in 1949, Radio Titograd was formed. In 1990 it changed its name to Radio Crna Gora.

In 1957, the first TV antenna was placed on Lovćen. It was able to receive pictures from Italy.

RTV Titograd was established in 1963 to produce original television programmes. RTV Titograd later became RTCG. The first broadcast by TVCG in Belgrade was a news program in 1964.

Since October 2002, RTCG has been a member of the EGTA, European Group of Television Advertising.


RTCG has 3 TV Channels, 2 Terrestrial and 1 International, and a Radio Station


  • TVCG 1 - News and domestic production.
  • TVCG 2 - Sport, entertainment.
  • TVCG Satellite - RTCG International Channel via satellite.




Soap operas




  • Radovan Miljanić - General Director
  • Vidak Boričić - General Director of Finance
  • Ljiljana Braćanović Nikolić - Deputy Director General and Technical Director
  • Vesna Pejović - Deputy Director General International Relations
  • Veljo Jauković - Director of Television
  • Budimir Raičević - Director of Radio
  • Fadilja Bibezić - Head of Legal Department
  • Gordana Simonović - Head of Marketing
  • Snežana Nikčević - Editor in Chief of First TV Channel
  • Velibor Čović - Editor in Chief of Second TV Channel
  • Zorica Kuburović - Editor in Chief of First Radio Channel
  • Mirsad Rastoder - Editor in Chief of Second Radio Channel

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