RT Alderman Junior High

R. T. Alderman Junior High

R. T. Alderman Junior High is a school in southeastern Calgary in the province of Alberta, Canada. It is part of the community of Maple Ridge.


The school is named after Robert Thomas Alderman. Alderman was an influential person who brought junior high schools to Calgary in the late 1940. This school has been around for 35 years and is situated beside a community recreation center and another school. The main colours of this school is blue and grey and white. The school logo was a hippopatamus for a number of years. The school logo now is a snake wound around the the letters "RTA" The school's motto is "Together We Make A Difference"


The school has a design shared by two other Calgary schools. The school overall has about 70 rooms. It has a band room, an industrial arts room, a home economics room and more.


There are currently 568 students at the start of the 2005 school year. This year there are about 210 Grade 9 students, 166 Grade 8 students and 184 Grade 7 students. In 2006, there will be an expected 200 more students enrolling because it will become a middle school.


The school's team is the RTA Blues.Their mascot is a snake.


One of the alumni is Robert Thirsk.

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