In religion, deliverance from fundamentally negative conditions, such as suffering, evil, death, or samsara, or the restoration or elevation of the natural world to a higher, better state. Eastern religions tend to stress self-help through individual discipline and practice, sometimes over the course of many lifetimes, though in Mahayana Buddhism bodhisattvas and certain buddhas may act as intervening divine agents. In Christianity, Jesus is the source of salvation and faith in his saving power is stressed. Islam emphasizes submission to God. Judaism posits collective salvation for the people of Israel.

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International Christian charitable movement. It was founded in 1865 by William Booth, with the aim of feeding and housing the poor of London. He adopted the name Salvation Army in 1878 and established the organization on a military pattern. Members are called soldiers, and officers earn ranks that range from lieutenant to brigadier. Converts are required to sign Articles of War and to volunteer their services. Doctrines are similar to those of other evangelical Protestant denominations, though Booth saw no need for sacraments. The meetings are characterized by singing and hand clapping, instrumental music, personal testimony, free prayer, and an open invitation to repentance. Headquartered in London, the Salvation Army now provides a wide variety of social services in more than 100 countries.

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Redemption may refer to:

In economics:

In religion:

  • Redemption, a concept referring to forgiveness or absolution for past sins and/or protection from damnation
  • In Judaism, Pidyon HaBen – Redemption of the firstborn son
  • In Christianity, salvation through the payment of a formal obligation by the death of Jesus Christ
  • Redemptive suffering

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In wine:

  • Wines of Redemption, a collaborative artistic endeavor expressing varietal characteristic of Pinot Noir from various appellations of California, adorned with illustrator's original interpretation of Redemption.
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