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PARK is the sixth album from The Mad Capsule Markets. Released immediately after the release of the "Eject Out" single, the band displayed a more mature, melodic sound but also kept faithful to the original punk sound of their previous material. This was the last non electronic punk album they recorded, and the more heavy rap/metal/techno infusion was brought in on 4 Plugs. Sometime in 1996, PARK was the first album to be released in the United States with two mellower bonus tracks, but there was little interest.

Track listing

  1. "HI-SIDE (High-Individual Side)"
  2. "Limit"
  3. "In Surface Noise"
  4. "Hab'it"
  5. "Cr'ock on the Work"
  6. "P-A-R-K"
  7. "Mustard"
  8. "The Life in the Fairy Story"

Year Album Chart Position
1994 P-A-R-K Official Japanese Albums Chart No. 19


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