R Aurigae

List of variable stars

There are over 50,000 known variable stars, with more being discovered regularly, so a complete list of every single variable is impossible. The following is a list of 178 known variable stars that are well-known, bright, significant, or otherwise interesting.

Designation (name) Constellation Discovery Apparent magnitude (Maximum) Apparent magnitude (Minimum) Period Type Comment
  (visual magnitude, unless marked (B) (= blue) or (p) (= photographic))  
R And Andromeda   5m.8 14m.9 409 d Mira (M)  
S And (Supernova 1885) Andromeda Ernst Hartwig, August 20, 1885 5m.8 <16m - Supernova (SNI)  
U Ant Antlia   8m.1 (p) 9m.7 (p) - LB  
θ Aps Apus   6m.4 (p) 8m.6 (p) 119 d Semiregular (SRB)  
η Aql Aquila Pigott, 1784 3m.48 4m.39 7.17664 d Cepheid (DCEP)  
R Aql Aquila   5m.5 12m.0 284 d Mira (M)  
V Aql Aquila   6m.6 8m.4 353 d Semiregular (SRB)  
R Aqr Aquarius Karl Ludwig Harding, 1811 5m.8 12m.4 387 d Mira (M)  
T Aqr Aquarius   7m.2 14m.2 202 d Mira (M)  
U Ara Ara   7m.7 14m.1 225 d Mira (M)  
R Ari Aries   7m.4 13m.7 187 d Mira (M)  
U Ari Aries   7m.2 15m.2 371 d Mira (M)  
ε Aur Auriga J.H. Fritsch, 1821 2m.92 3m.83 27.08 years Algol type (EA/GS)  
R Aur Auriga   6m.7 13m.9 458 d Mira (M)  
AE Aur Auriga   5m.78 6m.08 - Orion variable (INA)  
R Boo Boötes   6m.2 13m.1 223 d Mira (M)  
W Boo Boötes   4m.73 5m.4 ~450 d Semiregular (SRB:)  
X Cam Camelopardalis   7m.4 14m.2 144 d Mira (M)  
VZ Cam Camelopardalis   4m.80 4m.96 23.7 d Semiregular (SR)  
R Cap Capricornus Hind, 1848 9m.4 14m.9 345 d Mira (M)  
η Car Carina Burchell, 1827 -0m.8 7m.9 - S Doradus (SDOR) "The unpredictable supergiant"
l Car Carina   3m.28 4m.18 35.53584 d Cepheid (DCEP)  
R Car Carina   3m.9 10m.5 309 d Mira (M)  
S Car Carina   4m.5 9m.9 149 d Mira (M)  
γ Cas Cassiopeia   1m.6 3m.0 - Gamma Cassiopeiae (GCAS)  
R Cas Cassiopeia   4m.7 13m.5 430 d Mira (M)  
S Cas Cassiopeia   7m.9 16m.1 612 d Mira (M)  
W Cas Cassiopeia   7m.8 12m.5 406 d Mira (M)  
R Cen Centaurus   5m.3 11m.8 546 d Mira (M)  
S Cen Centaurus   9m.2 (p) 10m.7 (p) 65 d Semiregular (SR)  
T Cen Centaurus   5m.5 9m.0 90.44 d Semiregular (SRA)  
V645 Cen (Proxima Centauri) Centaurus   12m.1 (B) 13m.12 (B) - UV Ceti (UV)  
δ Cep Cepheus John Goodricke, 1784 3m.48 4m.37 5.36634 d prototype Cepheid (DCEP) double star, visible in binoculars
μ Cep Cepheus William Herschel, 1782 3m.43 5m.1 730 d Semiregular (SRC)  
S Cep Cepheus   7m.4 12m.9 487 d Mira (M)  
T Cep Cepheus   5m.2 11m.3 388 d Mira (M)  
U Cep Cepheus   6m.75 9m.24 2.49305 d Algol type (EA/SD)  
SS Cep Cepheus   8m.0 (p) 9m.1 (p) 90 d Semiregular (SRB)  
AR Cep Cepheus   7m.0 7m.9 - Semiregular (SRB)  
ο Cet (Mira) Cetus David Fabricius, 1596; variability may have been first noted by Johannes Fokkes Holwarda, 1638 2m.0 10m.1 332 d Mira (M) "The miraculous"
T Cet Cetus   5m.0 6m.9 159 d Semiregular (SRC)  
U Cet Cetus   6m.8 13m.4 235 d Mira (M)  
W Cet Cetus   7m.1 14m.8 351 d Mira (M)  
R Cha Chamaeleon   7m.5 14m.2 335 d Mira (M)  
R CMa Canis Major   5m.70 6m.34 1.13594 d Algol type (EA/SD)  
VY CMa Canis Major   6m.5 9m.6 - unique (*)  
FW CMa Canis Major   5m.00 5m.50 - Gamma Cassiopeiae (GCAS)  
S CMi Canis Minor   6m.6 13m.2 333 d Mira (M)  
R Cnc Cancer   6m.07 11m.8 362 d Mira (M)  
S Cnc Cancer Hind, 1848 8m.29 10m.25 9.48455 d Algol type (EA/DS)  
T Cnc Cancer Hind, 1850 7m.6 10m.5 482 d Semiregular (SRB)  
X Cnc Cancer   5m.6 7m.5 ~195 d Semiregular (SRB)  
T Col Columba   6m.6 12m.7 226 d Mira (M)  
R Com Coma Berenices   7m.1 14m.6 363 d Mira (M)  
α CrB (Alphecca or Gemma) Corona Borealis   2m.21 (B) 2m.32 (B) 17.35991 d Algol type (EA/DM)  
R CrB Corona Borealis Pigott, 1795 5m.71 14m.8 - R Coronae Borealis (RCB)  
S CrB Corona Borealis   5m.8 14m.1 360 d Mira (M)  
T CrB Corona Borealis   2m.0 10m.8 (80 years) recurrent nova (NR)  
U CrB Corona Borealis   7m.66 8m.79 3.45220 d Algol type (EA/SD)  
V CrB Corona Borealis   6m.9 12m.6 358 d Mira (M)  
W CrB Corona Borealis   7m.8 14m.3 238 d Mira (M)  
R Cru Crux   6m.40 7m.23 5.82575 d Cepheid (DCEP)  
R Crv Corvus   6m.7 14m.4 317 d Mira (M)  
χ Cyg Cygnus Kirch, 1686 3m.3 14m.2 408 d Mira (M)  
R Cyg Cygnus   6m.1 14m.4 426 d Mira (M)  
U Cyg Cygnus   5m.9 12m.1 463 d Mira (M)  
W Cyg Cygnus   6m.80 (B) 8m.9 (B) 131 d Semiregular (SRB)  
X Cyg Cygnus   5m.85 6m.91 16.38633 d Cepheid (DCEP)  
RT Cyg Cygnus   6m.0 13m.1 190 d Mira (M)  
SS Cyg Cygnus   7m.7 12m.4 (49.5 d) UGSS prototype  
SU Cyg Cygnus   6m.44 7m.22 3.84555 d Cepheid (DCEP)  
CH Cyg Cygnus   5m.60 8m.49 - Z Andromedae (ZAND+SR)  
R Del Delphinus   7m.6 13m.8 285 d Mira (M)  
U Del Delphinus   7m.6 (p) 8m.9 (p) ~110 d Semiregular (SRB)  
EU Del Delphinus   5m.79 6m.9 59.7 d Semiregular (SRB)  
β Dor Dorado   3m.46 4m.08 9.8426 d Cepheid (DCEP)  
S Dor Dorado   8m.6 (B) 11m.5 (B) - SDOR prototype in the Large Magellanic Cloud
R Dra Draco   6m.7 13m.2 246 d Mira (M)  
T Eri Eridanus   7m.2 13m.2 252 d Mira (M)  
R For Fornax   7m.5 13m.0 389 d Mira (M)  
η Gem Gemini   3m.15 3m.9 233 d Semiregular (SRA+EA)  
ζ Gem Gemini   3m.62 4m.18 10.15073 d Cepheid (DCEP)  
R Gem Gemini Hind, 1848 6m.0 14m.0 370 d Mira (M)  
S Gem Gemini Hind, 1848 8m.0 14m.7 293 d Mira (M)  
T Gem Gemini Hind, 1848 8m.0 15m.0 288 d Mira (M)  
U Gem Gemini   8m.2 14m.9 (105.2 d) dwarf nova (UGSS+E)  
S Gru Grus   6m.0 15m.0 402 d Mira (M)  
α Her Hercules William Herschel, 1759 2m.74 4m.0 - Semiregular (SRC)  
g Her (30 Her) Hercules   4m.3 6m.3 89.2 d Semiregular (SRB)  
u Her (68 Her) Hercules   4m.69 5m.37 2.05103 d Algol type (EA/SD)  
S Her Hercules   6m.4 13m.8 307 d Mira (M)  
U Her Hercules   6m.4 13m.4 406 d Mira (M)  
X Her Hercules   7m.5 (p) 8m.6 (p) 95.0 d Semiregular (SRB)  
R Hor Horologium   4m.7 14m.3 408 d Mira (M)  
U Hor Horologium   7m.8 (p) <15m.1 (p) 348 d Mira (M)  
R Hya Hydra Maraldi, 1704 3m.5 10m.9 389 d Mira (M)  
S Hya Hydra Hind, 1848 7m.2 13m.3 257 d Mira (M)  
U Hya Hydra   7m.0 (B) 9m.4 (B) ~450 d Semiregular (SRB)  
VW Hya Hydra   10m.5 14m.1 2.69642 d Algol type (EA/SD)  
BL Lac Lacerta   12m.4 (B) 17m.2 (B) - BLLAC prototype originally thought to be a variable star, but later discovered to be a blazar
R Leo Leo Koch, 1782 4m.4 11m.3 310 d Mira (M)  
R Lep Lepus   5m.5 11m.7 427 d Mira (M) Hind's Crimson Star
RX Lep Lepus   5m.0 7m.4 ~60 d Semiregular (SRB)  
R LMi Leo Minor   6m.3 13m.2 372 d Mira (M)  
RU Lup Lupus   9m.6 (p) 13m.4 (p) - Orion variable (INT)  
β Lyr Lyra John Goodricke, 1784 3m.25 4m.36 12.91383 d EB prototype  
R Lyr Lyra   3m.88 5m.0 ~46 d Semiregular (SRB)  
RR Lyr Lyra   7m.06 8m.12 0.566868 d RRAB prototype  
U Mic Microscopium   7m.0 14m.4 334 d Mira (M)  
U Mon Monoceros   6m.1 (p) 8m.8 (p) 91.3 d RV Tauri (RVB)  
V Mon Monoceros   6m.0 13m.9 341 d Mira (M)  
R Nor Norma   6m.5 (p) 13m.9 (p) 508 d Mira (M)  
T Nor Norma   6m.2 13m.6 241 d Mira (M)  
R Oct Octans   6m.4 13m.2 405 d Mira (M)  
S Oct Octans   7m.2 14m.0 259 d Mira (M)  
V Oph Ophiuchus   7m.3 11m.6 297 d Mira (M)  
X Oph Ophiuchus   5m.9 9m.2 329 d Mira (M)  
RS Oph Ophiuchus   4m.3 12m.5 - recurrent nova (NR)  
BF Oph Ophiuchus   6m.93 7m.71 4.06775 d Cepheid (DCEP)  
α Ori (Betelgeuse Orion John Herschel, 1840 0m.0 1m.3 6.39 years Semiregular (SRC)  
δ Ori (Mintaka) Orion John Herschel, 1834 2m.14 2m.26 5.73248 d Algol type (EA/DM)  
R Ori Orion Hind, 1848 9m.05 13m.4 377 d Mira (M)  
U Ori Orion   4m.8 13m.0 368 d Mira (M)  
W Ori Orion   8m.2 (p) 12m.4 (p) 212 d Semiregular (SRB)  
VV Ori Orion   5m.31 5m.66 1.48538 d Algol type (EA/KE:)  
CK Ori Orion   5m.9 7m.1 ~120 d Semiregular (SR:)  
κ Pav Pavo   3m.91 4m.78 9.09423 d Cepheid (CEP)  
S Pav Pavo   6m.6 10m.4 381 d Semiregular (SRA)  
β Peg Pegasus Schmidt, 1847 2m.31 2m.74 - LB  
R Peg Pegasus Hind, 1848 6m.9 13m.8 378 d Mira (M)  
X Peg Pegasus   8m.8 14m.4 201 d Mira (M)  
β Per (Algol) Perseus Geminiano Montanari, 1669 2m.12 3m.39 2.86730 d Algol type (EA/SD) The Demon Star
DY Persei Perseus DY Persei / R Coronae Borealis
φ Per Perseus   3m.96 4m.11 19.5 d Gamma Cassiopeiae (GCAS)  
ρ Per Perseus   3m.30 4m.0 ~50 d Semiregular (SRB)  
X Per Perseus   6m.03 7m.0 - Gamma Cassiopeiae (GCAS+XP)  
ζ Phe Phoenix   3m.91 4m.42 1.66977 d Algol type (EA/DM)  
R Pic Pictor   6m.35 10m.1 171 d Semiregular (SR)  
R Psc Pisces Hind, 1850 7m.0 14m.8 345 d Mira (M)  
TX Psc Pisces   4m.79 5m.20 - LB  
L2 Pup Puppis   2m.6 6m.2 141 d Semiregular (SRB)  
RS Pup Puppis   6m.52 7m.67 41.3876 d Cepheid (DCEP)  
T Pyx Pyxis   7m.0 (B) 15m.77 (B) (20 years) Recurrent nova (NR)  
S Scl Sculptor   5m.5 13m.6 363 d Mira (M)  
RR Sco Scorpius   5m.0 12m.4 281 d Mira (M)  
RS Sco Scorpius   6m.2 13m.0 320 d Mira (M)  
RT Sco Scorpius   7m.0 15m.2 449 d Mira (M)  
R Sct Scutum Pigott, 1795 4m.2 8m.6 146.5 d RV Tauri (RVA)  
R Ser Serpens Harding, 1826 5m.16 14m.4 356 d Mira (M)  
S Ser Serpens Harding, 1828 7m.0 14m.1 372 d Mira (M)  
U Sge Sagitta   6m.45 9m.28 3.38062 d Algol type (EA/SD)  
WZ Sge Sagitta   7m.0 (B) 15m.53 (B) (33 years) dwarf nova (UGSU+E+ZZ)  
RR Sgr Sagittarius   5m.4 14m.0 336 d Mira (M)  
R Sgr Sagittarius   6m.7 12m.83 270 d Mira (M)  
U Sgr Sagittarius(in M25)   6m.28 7m.15 6.74523 d Cepheid (DCEP)  
RT Sgr Sagittarius   6m.0 14m.1 306 d Mira (M)  
RU Sgr Sagittarius   6m.0 13m.8 240 d Mira (M)  
RY Sgr Sagittarius   5m.8 14m.0 - R Coronae Borealis (RCB)  
VX Sgr Sagittarius   6m.52 14m.0 732 d Semiregular (SRC)  
λ Tau Taurus Baxendell, 1848 3m.37 3m.91 3.95295 d Algol type (EA/DM)  
R Tau Taurus Hind, 1849 7m.6 15m.8 321 d Mira (M)  
T Tau Taurus   9m.3 13m.5 - Orion variable (INT)  
SU Tau Taurus   9m.1 16m.86 - R Coronae Borealis (RCB)  
R Tri Triangulum   5m.4 12m.6 267 d Mira (M)  
R UMa Ursa Major   6m.5 13m.7 302 d Mira (M)  
T UMa Ursa Major   6m.6 13m.5 257 d Mira (M)  
U UMa Ursa Major   6m.20 6m.25 - -  
Z UMa Ursa Major   6m.2 9m.4 196 d Semiregular (SRB)  
α UMi (Polaris) Ursa Minor   1m.86 2m.13 3.9696 d Cepheid (DCEPS)  
R Vir Virgo Harding, 1809 6m.1 12m.1 146 d Mira (M)  
S Vir Virgo   6m.3 13m.2 375 d Mira (M)  
T Vir Virgo Bogulawski, 1849 9m.0 14m.8 339 d Mira (M)  
U Vir Virgo Harding, 1831 7m.4 13m.5 207 d Mira (M)  
W Vir Virgo   9m.46 10m.75 17.2736 d CWA prototype (Cepheid)  
SS Vir Virgo   6m.0 9m.6 364 d Semiregular (SRA)  
R Vul Vulpecula   7m.0 14m.3 137 d Mira (M)  
S Vul Vulpecula Rogerson, 1837 8m.69 9m.42 68.464 d Cepheid (DCEP)  
U Vul Vulpecula   6m.73 7m.54 7.99068 d Cepheid (DCEP)  
Z Vul Vulpecula   7m.25 8m.90 2.45493 d Algol type (EA/SD)  


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