Quixeramobim is a Brazilian city located in the state of Ceará, Brazil.


  • The Quixeramobim tourism industry is strong, and the city has hotels, inns, restaurants and snack bars. One attraction is the house of Antonio Vicente Mendes Maciel, in homage to the illustrious son Antonio Conselheiro. Located in the Street Cônego Aureliano Mota, 210, next to the Square Days Blacksmith, this historical patrimony has five large gates and is largely historically preserved. It currently serves as a residence for the Coast family, the composer Fausto Nile and is open to the public.
  • The Chamber house is located in the center of the city, in a two story colonial building. The Chamber of Councilmen meets here, and is open to the public.
  • Another historical building is the railroad station, located in the center of the city, and has airy large rooms. Currently it functions as the Core of Tourist Information and sells artisanal goods.
  • The Metallic Bridge is another tourist attraction in Quixeramobim. It was built in 1899, and is formed of four "parts" of 51.45 meters, 208 meters long, and weighing 488 tons. Disactivated for ends of railroad carrier, the bridge is being remodelled to serve as a pedestrian walkway, and is part of the tourist area Memorial Antonio Conselheiro.
  • The Fogareiro Dam is another tourist attraction; there has been a dam on the river since the great drought of 1877/79, but it was redesigned several times.
  • The Memorial Antonio Conselheiro is located in the center of the city. It is a rock slope in the form of an "L". Pictures representing the council member's career may be viewed along the path. There is a high wooden gate on which "God great" is inscribed, attributed to Antonio Conselheiro.

The visitors to Quixeramobim will enjoy historical monuments of the city, particularly the Cruise, that presents a chapel and a wooden crucifix, in the church of San Antonio and the Cruises of the Frei Vidal of the Penha, located in the Sabonete public park, next to the Old Railroad station and street Da Cruz.

  • The main museum of the city is Jose Simão Abu Marrul, located at Dr. Monteiro Filho, 19, established in 1950. Quixeramobim offers two important tracks. The Track of the Signboard, located in the Glad Farm, 14.7 km from headquarters and the Track of the Water Eye, in the small farm Saw of the Caboclo, situated 31.8 km from town.

The city offers two venues where local artisans sell their goods, the Urban Social Center CSU, on Dr. Miguel Pinto, and the Center of Tourist Information, in the Old Railroad station, beyond the Municipal Market Confections. There are tourist programs throughout the year, which range from agricultural fairs to artisanal displays and political events.


  • The City council of Quixeramobim, in retaliation for Don Pedro I dissolving the Constitutional conventional, dissolved the Bragantina dynasty on 9 January 1824. It was the first revolt in Brazil againste of D. Pedro I.
  • A commission of the City council of Quixeramobim, comprising a priest, Gonçalo Mororó, Belarmino de Arruda and Antonio Francisco Queiroz, obtained agreement from the local Chamber and the Chambers of Aracati, and Is bernardine of the Russians, to form the Confederation of the Equator, that had as objective to create in Brazil a steady and liberal republic.
  • The Confederation of the Equator of 1824 - 1825, ended in the Square of the Martyrdoms, in Fortaleza, with the execution by firing-squad of the leaders.
  • In the pyramids of Egypt, a soldier of the forces of the ONU wrote with his bayonet in a rock: Alive Quixeramobim.
  • The first public dam of the country was constructed in Quixeramobim in Rio Pirabibu, between 1750 and 1770.
  • Mr. Jorge Simão is a collector of antiquities. He possesses many items from the first civilizations of the region.
  • Maria Francisca de Paula Lessa(Marica Lessa), known in the romance as Mrs. Guidinha of the Well, was a rich lady who held much property farms in the city of Quixeramobim in the last century. She was married toColonel Vítor Sundays de Abreu Vasconcelos. She ordered her husband killed because he was not faithful to her. She was the first person to inaugurate the public string of the munícípio. According to some authors, the building had been constructed for it.

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