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Quick Stop Entertainment, formerly Movie Poop Shoot, is a website owned by Kevin Smith and operated by Ken Plume, and originally set up to promote the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, in which the website was also featured extensively.

It is also the home of several podcasts, among them SModcast, Snydecast and Cabin Fever.


Quick Stop Entertainment's original incarnation as "" was set up as a parody of websites such as Aint It Cool News and was originally featured in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. It then became a full functioning mulitmedia website in 2002 run by the now Editor-In-Chief of IDW Publishing, Chris Ryall. It ran under this guise for 5 years until in 2007 the site was renamed as Quick Stop Entertainment and Chris left for IDW. It is currently being run by Ken Plume who along with running the site, edits SModcast, cohosts the Ken P.D. Snydecast and also conducts interviews. Ken is formerly of IGN Film.

The name "" comes from Smith's first movie, Clerks, based in a convenience store called "Quick Stop Groceries". This store is also featured in several other Smith films.

It is now the official site for all behind the scene blogs of Kevin Smith's upcoming movie Zack and Miri Make A Porno and has already featured the parody song "I'm Fucking Seth Rogen" which contained Elizabeth Banks mimicking a song originally sung by Sarah Silverman about Matt Damon.

Quick Stop Entertainment recently got into trouble with the MPAA for posting a teaser trailer for Zack and Miri Make a Porno that had not been approved beforehand. Due to the language and suggestive nature of the trailer it had to be taken down.

A regular member of the convention circuit, QSE hosted a panel at Dragon Con, Atlanta, Georgia, USA in 2008 which featured the members of Snydecast, Cabin Fever and surprise guests. They also hosted the Gonzo Film Festival with on the Saturday of the event for the second year in a row.

Featured Content



  • Opinion in a Haystack - by Bob Rose
  • Thingamabobs - by Ken Plume
  • Toy Box - by Michael Crawford
  • Trailer Park - by Christopher Stipp
  • TV or Not TV - by Will Willkins
  • Game On! - by Ian Bonds
  • Comics & Comics - by Matt Cohen
  • Comics in Context - by Peter Sanderson


Among others the staff of QSE have interviewed:
Steve Coogan (August 22nd 2008)
Kyle Howard (August 18th 2008)
Jessica Hynes (July 2nd 2008)
Dom Joly (July 3rd 2008)
John Waters (July 1st 2008)
Adam Yauch (June 26th 2008)
Garth Jennings (May 6th 2008)
Dicky Barrett (April 7th 2008)
Pauly Shore (March 25th 2008)
Dane Cook (January 30th 2008)
Stephen Fry (December 23rd 2007)
David Mitchell (November 27th 2007)
Henry Rollins (October 26th 2007)
Terry Jones (October 23rd 2007)
Derren Brown (August 8th 2007)
Simon Pegg (April 28th 2007)
Edgar Wright (April 26th 2007)


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