Quião Beach

Quião Beach

Quião Beach (Praia do Quião in Portuguese) is an extensive maritime beach of Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, located just South of Cape Santo André in the parish of A Ver-o-Mar. The peaceful Quião Beach has white sand and several rocks. The beach is an Coastal dune habitat and the curiosity that has sand grains of different sizes in different parts of the beach.

In northern Quião, where the waterfront street ends, the traditional Sargassum seaweed gathering is still practiced; it is spreed and laid in the beach for sun drying, leaving a pleasant sargassum brease in the beach, before being pilled to make "medas".

This area is protected by dunes from former masseiras and, given its quietude, is a flirting area for straight couples and gay men.

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