Quesillo (Spanish word for little cheese) refers to different Latin American food or dishes depending on the country:

Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic quesillo refers to dessert. Recipes vary slightly, but the dish is basically flan made out of eggs and sweetened milk.


Quesillo in Colombian cuisine, means a type of double cream cheese wrapped within a plantain leaf, made originally in the Tolima Department; the town of Guamo is most known for this dairy product. It is made commercially in dairy regions such as Bogotá, Ubaté and other regions of Cundinamarca and Antioquia. Famous brands of Colombian quesillo include: Pasco and Colanta.


In Mexico the term quesillo refers to a very popular type of string cheese sold in balls of various sizes. It is also known as "queso Oaxaca" or Oaxacan cheese.


In Nicaragua, a quesillo is typically made from a thick corn tortilla wrapped around soft cheese, pickled onions, and a sauce of sour cream or liquid cheese and vinegar. Because of their runny contents, quesillos are usually confined by a thin plastic sheath. They are often sold on roadsides as a quick snack. The most famous quesillos stands are located on the highway between León and Managua. A popular pun of this locale is to alter the phrase "claro que si", Spanish for "of course", into "claro quesillos".


In Venezuela, the term quesillo refers to a type of dessert made with eggs, condensed milk and caramel, similar to crème caramel.


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