Quadrics Software is available as RMS (Resource Management System) and Open Source

RMS and Open Source

RMS is a Cluster resource manager software package. Core components of the QsNet software release for Linux under the GNU General Public License (Quadrics Linux Software)

Quadrics New Software Release

  • includes support for Rocks Cluster Distribution v3.3.0 and v4.0.0.
  • new version of RMS, RMS 3.x, the Quadrics cluster management toolkit
  • support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and Fedora Core 3
  • tested on the standard Red Hat(TM) Advanced Server and SUSE(TM)
  • improves the performance of intra-node MPI with single-copy process to process memory copies without the need for shared memory FIFOs.

Quadrics Kernel Patches

Quadrics kernel patches are available when user's production use require added functionalities such as the ability to communicate from pageable virtual memory without locking down memory used in inter-process communication; however the most recent releases of the Quadrics device driver modules provide support for use of the QsNetII (Elan4) hardware with standard, unpatched Linux kernels.

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