Qiao Xuan

Qiao Xuan

Qiao Xuan (108-183, styled Gongzu (公祖), of Suiyang (睢陽), Liang Kingdom (梁國) (modern Henan). He was a high official near the end of Eastern Han.


Qiao Xuan was of gentry, scholarly background. In his youth, as minor official (功曹 gongcao), when Inspector of Yu Province Zhou Jing (周景) was passing by Liang, Qiao Xuan reported to him the crimes of Chancellor of Chen (陳相) Yang Chang (羊昌). Zhou Jing sent Qiao Xuan to investigate. Xuan thoroughly listed Yang Chang's crimes. Because Chang was an intimate of Commander-in-Chief (大將軍) Liang Ji, Liang Ji sent an urgent letter to release Yang Chang. Scared, Zhou Jing called off Qiao Xuan. Qiao Xuan returned to letter, he locked up Yang Chang and sent him back to Luoyang on a prison cart. Because of that, he became famous.

After that, he was nominated as suitable for office and was appointed to a minor post in Luoyang. Liang Buyi (梁不疑), Liang Ji's brother, was Xuan superior and humiliated him. Xuan gave up his office.

Later on, he was appointed Chancellor of Qi (齊相) (Shandong). He committed a fault, and was sent to do hard labor. Punishment completed, he was appointed Administrator of Shanggu (上谷太守), then Administrator of Hanyang (漢陽太守). Prefect of Shanggui (上邽令) Huangfu Zhen (皇甫禎) was corrupted and enriched himself excessively. Qiao Xuan had him executed.

In 170, he was appoint Minister of Works (司空). A year after, he was made Minister over the Masses (司徒).

Qiao Xuan was generous and supportive of Cao Cao in his youth -- a gratitude Cao Cao didn't forget when he was at the peak of his power (and long after Xuan's death).

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