QUED and QUED/M were text editors for the classic Mac OS operating system developed by Paragon Concepts, which later became Nisus Software, Inc. Although it is still distributed and supported, it has not been updated since 1997. The Initial incarnation, QUED (QUality Editor for Developers, released 1985), gave programmers a versatile text editor superior to the bundled Edit application. QUED/M, released in 1987, added a macro system based on UserLand Frontier, a technology predating AppleScript. It competed with Apple's Macintosh Programmer's Workshop Shell and other Macintosh integrated development environments of the time. QUED/M was gradually supplanted by BBEdit, which offered much better integration with many technologies in System 7.

It does not run natively on Mac OS X, hence it requires the Mac Classic Environment, and cannot run in Mac OS X v10.5 or Intel-based Macs.


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