QED (text editor)

QED (text editor)

QED is a line-oriented computer text editor that was designed by Butler Lampson and L. Peter Deutsch for the Berkeley Timesharing System running on the SDS 940. It was implemented by L. Peter Deutsch and Dana Angluin between 1965 and 1966.

Ken Thompson later wrote a version for CTSS; this version was notable for introducing regular expressions. QED influenced the classic UNIX text editor ed and the less well known sam by Rob Pike. A Canadian version of QED named FRED (Friendly Editor) was written at the University of Waterloo for Honeywell GCOS systems by Peter Fraser. A University of Toronto team consisting of Tom Duff, Rob Pike, Hugh Redelmeier, and David Tilbrook implemented a version of QED that runs on UNIX; David Tilbrook later included QED as part of his QEF tool set.

QED was also used as a character-oriented editor on the Norwegian-made Norsk Data SINTRAN systems. It is not known, but entirely possible that this traces its lineage from the CTSS editor.


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