Puriel (also Pyriel, Puruel and Pusiel) is an angel who appears in the apocryphal work of the Testament of Abraham, the second century A.D. apocalyptic tale of Abraham's journey to heaven. Puriel is described as "fiery and pitiless, and is one of the two angels (along with Dokiel) charged with the task of examining the soul of each person brought to heaven after death.

Puriel in fiction

In The Prophecy 3: The Ascent, Pyriel is the angel who is examining the souls of the dead before they enter heaven. It is said that Pyriel was one of the angels in God's Army who defeated Lucifer. While the other angels went back to heaven, Pyriel stayed on Earth. He is the angel who will rise again to destroy the humans (or monkeys, as he calls them) in an act of complete genocide. He is defeated by Danyael who manages to take his heart out with Zophael's weapon which he got after he killed him.


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