Pullaiah Banjer

Pullaiah Banjer

Pullaiah banjer village is located in Kalluru Mandal,Khammam distric in A.P. In this village, nearly 400 residencies, 15000 peoples are living.Here agriculture is their profession. Economical resources are paddy and milk. Villagers are very intelligents and educates.
Pullaiah banjer is having historical story. This village was developed by Peddaboina Pullaiah. In this village, one historical temple was established by salivahana king's known as Srikashmira Mahadeva Kshetram, belongs to Lord shiva. In every year, they will celebrate Mahashivarathri festival is called Tirunnala. Every one can enjoy in this day. Neighbour villagers also participate in this occation.

In earlier days, Peoples are changed their life style. Every one can show their talents in different fields.
Some persons are doing job their names:

  • M.Durga Prasad (Principle)
  • N.RamaRao (Jr.scientist)
  • R.Ramakrishna (Software Engineer)
  • J.Revathi (Software Engineer)
  • P.NarayaRao (Software Engineer)
  • N.Satyanarayana (Teacher)
  • B.SrinivasaRao (Teacher)
  • B.SrinivasaRao (Jr.Lecturer)
  • G.Sowjanya (Jr.Lecturer)
  • B.Krishnaiah{babai} (Jr.Lecturer)
  • B.Krishnaiah{abbai} (Jr.Lecturer)
  • N.Lakshmi (Pharmasist)
  • S.Krishnaiah (Lab Technician)
  • A.Ramakrishna (Lab Technician)
  • A.AppaRao (Lab Technician)
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