Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, city (1993 pop. 85,042), N Dominican Republic, on the Atlantic Ocean. It is the major northern port of the country, serving Santiago de los Caballeros and other inland towns. Dairy and cacao products are made there. The surrounding region contains among the largest deposits of amber in the world. Tourism has become Puerto Plata's economic mainstay, and resort beaches have been quickly developed. Nearby are the ruins of Columbus' first settlement in the New World.

Puerto Plata is one of the northern provinces of the Dominican Republic. The area has become an increasingly popular tourist attraction since the late 1990s mainly due to its fine beaches. It borders the Septentrional mountain range to the north (which separates it from Laguna Salada).

Municipalities and municipal districts

The province as of June 20 2006 is divided into the following municipalities (municipios) and municipal districts (distrito municipal - D.M.) within them:

The following is a sortable table of the municipalities and municipal districts with population figures as of the 2008 census. Urban population are those living in the seats (cabeceras literally heads) of municipalities or of municipal districts. Rural population are those living in the districts (Secciones literally sections) and neighborhoods (Parajes literally places) outside of them.

Name Total population Urban population Rural population
Los Hidalgos
San Felipe de Puerto Plata
Villa Isabela
Villa Montellano
Puerto Plata province

For comparison with the municipalities and municipal districts of other provinces see the list of municipalities and municipal districts of the Dominican Republic.

Famous Puerto Plata Residents

Among the famous people born in Puerto Plata, Gregorio Luperón stands out for his valiant fight against the Spanish Occupation. He is considered by many as a national patriot.

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