Public Security Section 9

Public Security Section 9

Public Security Section 9 (Japanese: 公安9課, Kōan Kyūka), also referred to as Public Safety Section 9 in some translations, is a fictional intelligence department under the Ministry of Home Affairs from Masamune Shirow's Ghost in the Shell anime and manga series. In the original movie, it's known as the Shell Squad or Security Police Section 9.

Its operatives are trained in various methods ranging from investigations to cyber warfare, as their structure was based on the German GSG-9. They had cross-training exercises in the past with the British SAS's 22nd Regiment.


Public Security Section 9 was established as a search and rescue organization. Officially billed as an international organization, it is actually a counter-terrorist network and anti-crime unit operating in the Japanese National Public Safety Commission. Its operatives are allowed to act with or without government consent as they are almost unknown to the public eye. In particular, Section 9 and its members are among the best cyber warfare operatives in the country, and as a result usually end up involved in case relating to the internet, such as hacking and cyber terrorism.

Ghost in the Shell

Major Motoko Kusanagi was dispatched by Section 9 to spy on a building in the city New Port City. A foreign power is conspiring to recruit a domestic engineer to fix the Project 2501 "bug". The team moves in while Major activates her therm-optic camouflage. The foreign official refuses to return the engineer, while Kusanagi moves in and kills him.

Stand Alone Complex

During the investigation of the Laughing Man case, Major Kusanagi posed as the Laughing Man in order to uncover a conspiracy held against the Micro Machine company by the Japanese government. After higher-ranking government officials uncovered information about the investigation conducted by Section 9, the government disbanded the agency and declared war on them.

In preparation for an attack on their headquarters by the Umibozu's shock troopers and their Type 303 Armed Suit robots, all remaining Section 9 members barricaded themselves into the building and fought the invaders with all the heavy weaponry they could muster. Failing that, they assembled a diversion and escaped through a passage located in the sewers of New Port City They are all eventually captured, with the Major apparently killed.

Togusa spent the next three months wondering what happened to the rest, before suddenly meeting up with Batou. The whole thing turned out to be one of Aramaki's brilliant plans, sacrificing Section 9 in order to leave the prime suspect wide-open to arrest, investigation and prosecution. Everyone, including the Major, is perfectly fine, and Aramaki is in the process of rebuilding and securing funding for the newly-reborn Section 9, which does not happen until 2nd GIG.

2nd GIG

Solid State Society

The ranks of Section 9 have increased to 20 operatives with Togusa selected to be its second field leader after Motoko Kusanagi had left the unit.


Public Security Section 9 is located in the fictional Japanese city of Niihama-shi (also known as New Port City). The exact location of Section 9's headquarters is held as top-secret and is only known by the Japanese government and Section 9 employees. Their building is known to the public as a false security company.

Section 9 Headquarters facilities include a rooftop helipad, underground car park, Operator-managed control room, cyber-warfare and information gathering room, holding cells, meeting rooms and Tachikoma/Fuchikoma/Uchikoma workshop.


# Agent Speciality Description
1. Daisuke Aramaki Lieutenant Colonel/Section Chief Head of Section 9 and advisor to Prime Minister Yoko Kayabuki.
2. Motoko Kusanagi Major/Field Commander Is a female cybernetic squad leader. She is a highly skilled melee fighter and one of the world's most skilled hackers and net divers. She is also the tactical leader of Section 9.
3. Ishikawa Covert Intelligence and Technology/Executive Officer Ishikawa is the covert intelligence and technology specialist. Like Togusa and Saito, he does not appear to be fully cyberised.
4. Buttetsu Batou Lead Investigator Batou is the second best melee fighter in Section 9, a master of the boxing style. He served in the military with Motoko, and has obviously advanced vision due to his cybernetic eyes, and also contains other unlisted parts. Does field work with Togusa.
5. Togusa Investigator/2nd Field Commander Togusa is mostly human, having only cybernetic memory upgrades and other small brain implants. To Section 9, Togusa is a reminder to them all of true humanity. Does field work with Batou.
6. Pazu Investigator Before joining the Public Security Commission, Pazu was rumored to have been involved with several yakuza gangs. He usually teams up with Boma.
7. Borma Spotter, Investigator, and bomb specialist Borma usually handles rear support for the rest of the unit and handles heavy weaponry during assignments. Does field work with Paz.
8. Saito Tactical Sniper Saito is Section 9's primary tactical sniper, known to have been a mercenary in the South American campaign. Saito possesses a long-range cybernetic eye called a Hawkeyethat can be used for extreme accuracy by making use of satellite linked imaging data.
9. Azuma Recruit/Field Agent One of Section 9's newly recruited field operatives from JGSDF intelligence.
10. Yano Recruit One of Section 9's newly recruited rookie and field operatives alongside Azuma.

AI Personnel

# Unit Specialty Description
1. Tachikoma Think Tanks These experimental tanks are used during combat missions and are equipped with a 7.62x51mm light machine gun built into the right arm and an optional 50mm grenade launcher or 12.7mm rotary cannon mounted on a central hardpoint. They can be ridden in like a vehicle and controlled from inside, or remotely through the net. Their systems are universally lined through a central satellite where they develop AI traits similar to young girls. Many a paradox has arisen from their musings. They eventually learn to love and sacrifice.
2. Uchikoma Think Tanks These tanks are covered with ultra-heavy armor (unlike the Tachikoma units) and are depicted in various colors, usually red or brown in the manga and green in Stand Alone Complex, in which they appear at the end of the second season and during the Solid State Society film.
3. Operators Operators Are an advanced line of gynoids designed to handle the day-to-day matters within Section 9.
4. Proto Tachikoma's Maintenance Technician /Field Agent in Solid State Society Proto can also be used as an Operator. It is later discovered that he is in fact an experimental bioroid.

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