Psyche (Serial Experiments Lain episode)

Layer 01: Weird (Serial Experiments Lain episode)

Layer 01: Weird is the debut episode of the anime series "Serial Experiments Lain".


The series starts out with a scene of suicide, when a girl named Chisa Yamota jumps off of a train-bridge and dies. Lain Iwakura is then introduced, as an introverted 8th grade girl with very few friends and little interest in anything. When she arrives at schools she discovers one of her classmates named Juri heavily crying in the back of the classroom, and her friends comforting her. Lain then discovers that an email was sent to many people in the class from Chisa Yamota, days after she committed suicide. Lain does not have much of an interest in computers or e-mail, so she goes home that day and logs onto her Navi (which is designed for someone much younger). The Navi is used to surf The Wired, an international telecommunications network that combines the internet and telephones. She checks her e-mail and discovers Chisa's email, in which she states that she has not died, but "abandoned the flesh", and become one with The Wired, stating that "God is here." Afterwards, Lain goes to her computer-obsessed father and asks for a more updated Navi, in which her father agrees enthusiastically. All throughout that day, Lain experiences bizarre and frightening hallucinations. It is not clear whether these hallucinations are literal hallucinations, cognitive delusions, or a mixture of both.
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