Prefecture: Achaia
Province: Patras
City: Patras
Section: Central
Distance from downtown: 1.5 km south
Population: (2001)

about 5,000 to 6,000 -/km²
Population percentage (2005): about 4 to 45%

about 15 m
30 m(centre)
about 40 to 50 m (east)
Area/distance code: 11-0030-2610

Psilalonia (Greek: Ψηλαλώνια) also with an o accented is a neighbourhood in the central part of the city of Patras, 1 km direct and 1.5 km south via road from the downtown core. Psilalonia is linked 100 m from Gounaris Street (GR-3 - Patras - Tripoli southbound). Psilalonia is famous for one of the city's most visited square that is of the same name. It features palm trees, playground, a fountain, a monument and restaurants. Other shops are by Gounaris Street.



The area are entirely of residential which has four to five storey houses in the southern part and eight storeys in the north and east. A nearby hill is to the north. Its nearest supermarket is by Korai Street. Its total area is approximately 5 to 6 km² and 3 km in length from west to east and 2 km in width from north to south. Its total street length is approximately 30 to 40 km of which 6 to 8 km are main streets, the rest are residential.


The area were made up of farmlands until the late 19th and the early 20th centuries.Housing developments arrived and features neo-classical architecture. After World War II and the Greek Civil War, residential buildings as high as four to five storeys arrived in the south and eight storeys around the area. Not as many neo-classical buildings exists after the 1970s.


Its panorama includes the Panachaiko mountains to the east, more to the south and southeast including Omplos, Varasova and Arakynthos to the west and northwest and more to the north, the panorama is almost entirely blocked by high buildings except for by the square.


Psilaonia has a few schools, a lyceum (secondary school), a few gymnasia (high school) churches and more squares (plateies). It has also a several gas station on Gounaris.

North: Skagiopouleio?
West: Tsivdi? Psilalonia East: Agia Aikaterini and Kritika
Southwest: Agia Aikaterini South: N/A

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