Psari, Ilia

Prefecture: Ilia
Province: Ilia
Municipality: Vouprasia
Municipal district: Varda

38.0225 (38°1'25") N
201.3875 (21°23'17") E
Population: (2001)
Percent of the municipality


stream (around 10 m)
around 30 m
approximately 60 to 70 m (southeastern part)
Postal code: GR-270 52
Area/distance code: 11-(00)30-26230
Car designation: HA

Psari (Greek: Ψάρι meaning fish in Modern Greek), older forms: Psario and Psarion is a Greek settlement located 3 km southeast of the municipal seat of Vouprasia, Varda. Psari is also a part of the Varda municipal district. Its population in 2001 was 500. Psari is linked with a road linking Varda and Borsi as well as the Pineios Dam (not a main route from Patras due to several road difficulties especially before the pavement of the road in the 1990s) and its curves.

Psari are linked with a road linking to Neapoli and Spata. The old and the new GR-9 (Patras - Pyrgos - Kyparissia) is linked less than 2 km north. The power transformer powering hydro with one line to the island of Zakynthos and Kefalonia and the western Peloponnese is to the south.

Nearest places


The geography consists of farmlands which includes olive groves, pastures, fruits and vegetables and other crops and forests covers the remainder of the area. The stream which includes a ravine which flows from the mountains is to the north. Much of the area are forested and the area are hilly.

The residential area lines up within the two main roads and features a water tower that can be seen to the northern portion and from Varda.


Year Municipal population Change Percent of the
municipal district
Percent of the
1991 359 +201 or +5.24% - -
2001 500 +141 or +39.3% 11.34% 44.62%


Psari has a small school, a church, and a square (plateia), its nearest lyceum (middle school) and gymnasium (seconadyr school) are in Varda.

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