Providence (comics)

Providence (comics)

Providence is a fictional island featured in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Providence, located in the South Pacific Ocean, southwest of Hawaii at 120°N 165°W, is an artificial island comprised of parts from Cable’s old space station Greymalkin. It first appeared in Cable & Deadpool #6.


Providence was intended to be a place where the best minds on Earth could gather, live, and find new ways of doing everything in hopes of giving the world a peaceful future. Providence is open to all who wish to immigrate there, though all residents must undergo various psychological and skills tests.


Notable Residents

  • Haji Bin Barat – One of the world’s most wanted terrorists, Barat became the first murder victim of Providence.
  • Roger StevensCaptain America's alias during his brief stay on Providence.


Since Providence is built out of a space station from the future, it has an abundance of advanced technology. Most of this technology Cable allows to be freely given out to the world.

  • Teleportation Matrix – Providence is equipped with a teleportation matrix that responds to the verbal commands of both Cable and Deadpool. It allows them to be teleported anywhere on Earth, and was once modified to teleport between dimensions as well.
  • Skimmer Jets – Self-subsisting, solar-powered vehicles used by Cable when he no longer had the ability to fly of his own accord.
  • Fission Waste Processor – Used for processing waste, and presumably an energy supply, this device was shared with Tony Stark.

Fictional history

Greymalkin: Cable's space station

Providence was originally named Greymalkin, and was the property of Cable. An interesting part of Greymalkin's construction was its Professor (not to be confused with Professor X).

X-Force was forced to destroy Greymalkin when S.H.I.E.L.D. tried to take it over, however the destruction was a faked one as the station dumped parts of itself in the ocean and in X-Force's base, but the remaining parts, including its core remained, now using cloaking to hide itself.

Avalon: Magneto's Acolytes' space station

Avalon was a fictional space station inhabited by the Acolytes, a cult devoted to Magneto and his views on human-mutant relations. It first appeared in the Fatal Attractions storyline in Marvel Comics's X-Men books.

Magneto discovered the abandoned space-station, deactivated the Professor and used Shi'ar technology to expand it, turning it into his new base and sending out his new servant Exodus to bring worthy mutants to it. His first choice were several members of X-Force, who had been students of Magneto when they were part of the New Mutants. X-Force leader, Cable, followed them and managed to disable Avalon's teleportation system and copy the Professor from the core of the station into his own techno-organic bodyparts. Cable and his team escaped, but former New Mutants Rusty Collins and Skids remained on Avalon with Magneto.

Shortly afterwards, Magneto sent Exodus to bring his followers, the Acolytes, to Avalon as well. He declared that Avalon would be a safe heaven for all mutants, away from humanity. The X-Men battled Magneto and he was put into a coma. Exodus took over the leadership of the Acolytes and Avalon. The Acolyte Milan repaired the teleportation systems of Avalon.

Avalon was destroyed in a battle between Holocaust and Exodus. Exodus tried to gather the pieces of Avalon to rebuilt it shortly afterwards, but halted his plans when Joseph turned up, thinking that Joseph was Magneto. Pieces of Avalon and Greymalkin were later gathered by Cable to build the island of Providence, his current base of operations.

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