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Limbs For Life Foundation

Limbs for Life is a non-profit organization that works to provide prosthetic limbs to those in need. Based in Oklahoma City, the foundation was started in 1995 by Craig Gavras and John Sabolich. After losing a limb himself, Gavras realized the need to help less fortunate amputees. The foundation was designed to bring restoration to the lives of amputees who cannot afford costly prosthetic care. These people have the opportunity to return to a productive job and normal lifestyle through the financial assistance of the foundation.

The foundation awards full prosthetic care to an average of 700 amputees per year in the United States. The nationwide average for above-knee prosthesis is $16,500 and $7,000 for below-knee prosthesis. The foundation can provide above-knee prosthesis for $2,000 and below-knee prosthesis for $1,500. This low cost is achieved because prosthetic care facilities donate their labor and the foundation provides components that are donated by manufacturers. The foundation also distributes an average of $3 million worth of prosthetic limbs to clinics in developing countries each year.

Limbs for Life's Programs

1. Prosthesis Fund (Financial assistance in the United States)

Money raised through fund raisers, benefits and charitable donations are used by the foundation to directly benefit the life of an amputee. Each qualified applicant is partnered with a certified prosthetist that fits them for a new prosthetic device and provides essential follow-up care.

2. World Limb Bank (Collection of used limbs for developing countries)

The limb bank collects used limbs and distributes them, free of charge, to amputees in developing countries. Limbs for Life has provided assistance to several countries including Peru, Turkey, the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

3. Network (Network of contacts)

The foundation provides a network of prosthetists, therapists and emotional support contacts. The prosthetists offer their services while qualified physical and occupational therapists provide cost-free follow-up calls to those who receive prosthetic awards. Emotional support contacts empathize and counsel on the challenges of limb loss.

4. Motivational Speaking (Speaking to educate)

Craig Gavras, Executive Director of the foundation, has appeared on national television and served as the keynote speaker to thousands of people across the world. He has shared the stage with the likes of Colin Powell, Norman Schwarzkopf and Margaret Thatcher and shared his story of overcoming obstacles. Gavras speaks to motivate and educate crowds on his life as an amputee.

Limbs for Life Events

Limbs for Life Benefit

Limbs for Life's annual benefit is held each year in Dallas, Texas. The 2007 benefit raised $350,000 for the foundation. The 2008 benefit will be held on Saturday, Feb. 23 at the Dallas Trade Mart.

Bricktown Blaze 5k Run

The Bricktown Blaze 5k run is held annually in the Bricktown district of Oklahoma City. The 2008 Bricktown Blaze will be held Saturday, May 10 and will conclude at AT&T Bricktown Ballpark, home of the Oklahoma RedHawks Triple-A baseball team.

Golf Tournaments

The foundation holds two golf tournaments each year, one in Oklahoma City and one in Dallas. This year's tournaments will be June 20 in Oklahoma City and Oct. 24 in Dallas.

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