Propheteering is a descriptive term which refers to the exercise of the duties, powers, and/or office of a prophet for the principle purpose of deriving money. Propheteering is a portmanteau of the terms prophet and profiteering. Specifically, it refers to people who use other's views of them as a prophet to make money or some other profit. Propheteering has been the subject of a number of novels and movies (such as the film Dragonheart).

Many psychics are sometimes considered to be propheteers, since they ask you for money in return for your fortune. The word describes people who make profits out of being a false prophet. The word is also sometimes even used to refer to people who are real prophets but make money out of it anyway. For example, someone who can read tarot cards might well be real, but they are still making money out of it when they perhaps shouldn't be. A huge debate in the pagan community is whether or not people should charge for their "gift".

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