Promo Blue Man Group Songs

Promo Blue Man Group Songs

This is a list of unreleased songs by Blue Man Group. These songs have illegal copyright and should not be released outside of Blue Man Group Productions.


PVC House

Old recording from the early '90s of a house tape Blue Man Group performed called PVC House. The only release and audio of this song is on the Roof Dwellers fan membership.


PVC II was performed on the band's second appearance on Jay Leno; this was the old Chant Jam. Only performed in the early '90s.


Was performed on the third Jay Leno show. This song has been released on a BlueManLibrary fan CD.


This is a percussion song that is played during the scrolling sign on the vaudeville venues at the beginning of the show.

Let it Ride

Blue Man Group theme song to The Venetian hotel/casino featuring Everett Bradley.

Drum Finale Throwdown

Played on the third KCAL 9 commercial, Blue Man Group used this for the Last Call Vegas celebration.

Time to Play

Featured on several of the KCAL Dodgers commercials; Blue Man Group uses this unreleased track at the end of Inside the Tube.

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