Project "S"

Project 'S' is a series of works based on the Snatcher video game series. This revival of the franchise is a collaboration between Hideo Kojima and Goichi Suda. As announced in the Weekly Famitsu, the first production in the project will be a radio drama, with Suda being both the writer and one of the voice actors, and Kojima making a cameo appearance as well. Other works within the project have not yet been revealed.

Speculation of a Snatcher video game

A video game installment was rumored to be revealed by Grasshopper Manufacture during the 2006 Tokyo Game Show, but the new game turned out to be No More Heroes. Goichi Suda did, however appear on Kojima Productions' Hidechan Radio, hinting that he hoped to work with Kojima after No More Heroes. Somewhat contradictorily, however, Suda later stated to IGN that he was planning to work on an Xbox 360 project once No More Heroes was released. When asked about Project 'S', Suda could not comment. This interview throws the validity of the upcoming video game rumor into question, although this may have resulted from Hideo Kojima's schedule with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, as he essentially lacked the ability to work on other projects at the time. Both games have since been released, and it is currently unknown if a Snatcher game is indeed in development but it is likely with the secrecy that both Kojima and Suda approach a project it is likely.


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