ProAction is a games company for the RISC OS platform and have released many games in the past, mainly ports of Superior Software's games like TechnoDream and the hugely famous Repton series.



The Repton series was sold by R-Comp for a while but then the release of Desktop Repton came. Many versions of Desktop Repton were sold through APDL and then later on sold by Alligata Media. The latest release of Desktop Repton is Desktop Repton PLUS and is sold by Alligata Media for £6 on a CD-ROM.


TechnoDream is now sold with Nevryon, another space shooter on a single CD-ROM by APDL under the 4Th Dimension brand.


ProAction did also sell games from other companies too like Frak! from GEK Studios. Frak! and all of GEK's other products are now sold on the GEK Collection from APDL. ProAction have also released many educational games under the APDL - ProAction brand.


  • Desktop Repton PLUS is 32-Bit compatible.
  • Technodream and Nevryon has been patched to work on StrongARM and RISC OS 4 machines.
  • GEK Collection will work on StrongARM and RISC OS 4 machines.

Proaction is also a brand of economy vacuum cleaners currently sod at Argos. They have produced a large range of bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners and both upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners.

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