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ProMonte is the first and largest mobile phone operator in Montenegro. ProMonte went live in July 10, 1996. As of August 11, 2004, ProMonte is fully owned by Telenor Mobile Communications AS.


In November 1995, PTT of Montenegro and European Telecom Luxembourg signed a contract on establishing a limited liability company in the aim of obtaining a mobile telephony license in Montenegro. Then in January 1996, consortium ETL and PTT of Montenegro obtained a 20-year concession for establishing a GSM 900 mobile network in Montenegro. Then ProMonte was founded two months later, in March 1996. The first mobile telephony call made in Montenegro was on July 10th, 1996. In December 2001, ProMonte obtained a 15-year license, letting it use GSM 900 and DCS 1800. At the same time, PTT of Montenegro sold ETL its 9% of ProMonte shares. On August 11 2004, Telenor has completed the acquisition of an additional 55.9% of the shares in ProMonte, and became the 100% owner of ProMonte.


ProMonte currently has 175 base stations which cover all main roads, majority of tunnels and all the beaches and winter tourist centers in Montenegro. ProMonte's signal covers 98% of Montenegro's inhabited territory. ProMonte Sales network contains around 2100 points all over the Montenegro. The IMSI Network Code of ProMonte is 220-02 and MSISDN Network Code is 38269.

ProMonte's signal covers a little area of Serbia, which uses GSM and GPRS technology, under the Network Code: 220-07.


ProMonte currently uses GSM 900, GSM 1800, GPRS, and EDGE technologies and has recently established a 3G (UMTS) network in Montenegro.


ProMonte offers services to Private and Business customers. For private customers, there are two types of services: Postpaid and Prepaid. ProMonte currently offers 2 packages for Postpaid customers: Blue and Blue Active. ProMonte also offers 4 Prepaid packages: Green, longplay, Oli? and oliextra. For Business customers, ProMonte offers 2 packages: Business and Business Active

Market Share in Montenegro

ProMonte holds around 40% of the Montenegrin Market of Mobile Telephony.

Company Vision

  • Company slogan: "Tu smo za vas" (en. "We are here for you")
  • MMS slogan: "Više od riječi" (en. "More than words")
  • 3G Video slogan: "Čujemo se. Vidimo se." (en. Talk to you later. See you later.)

ProMonte vision reflects efforts of all of the employees in the Company to fulfil the expectations of:

  1. Users and Business Users, via their requirements fulfilment
  2. Community, having socially aware attitude and activities
  3. Owners, achieving the set goals
  4. Employees, creating optimal and friendly working environment

Contact Data

  • Customer Care short code: 9898
  • Business Customer Care short code: 1169
  • Corporate Contact Telephone: +382 (0)81 235 000
  • Contact e-mail:

Headquarters Address: Bulevar Džordža Vašingtona 83 81000, Podgorica, Montenegro

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