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HP ProCurve Networking is the networking division of HP. They produce a line of network switches, wireless access points, WAN routers, and Access Control Servers/Software sold under the "HP ProCurve Networking" brand name. ProCurve is the world's second-largest vendor of networking switches based on port count and revenue. They have the worldwide headquarters at Roseville in California, USA and they focus on the Enterprise and SMB Markets.

Lifetime warranty

  • The company's unique selling point is its "lifetime warranty" with next business day advanced replacement (in Germany the warranty is limited to 30 years). The warranty is based on the product, not on the initial buyer and covers also fans, power supplies and accessories (like modules or SFP).
  • The service of next business day advanced replacement (available in most countries) includes, that ProCurve not only ships the replacement product for free, but also takes back the broken one at the same time. They also offer free telephone support during HP business hours, and free firmware and feature updates as long as you own the product.
  • The ProCurve Routing Switch 9300m series, ProCurve Switch 8100fl series, 745wl Access Control Server and ProCurve Access Controller 800 have a 1-year warranty with extensions available.

ProCurve Products

A variety of different products are marketed by ProCurve for different purposes within a computer network. They can be found here.

Colubris Networks

On 11th August HP announced the acquisition of Colubris Networks . This completed on 1st October and it gives ProCurve additional wireless capabilities, such as 802.11n.


ProCurve offers product, solution and sales orientated trainings, which can be found here.


ProCurve sell 99% of their products through the Reseller Channel. There are five levels of partnership within ProCurve - Service Advantage, Elite, Specialist, Professional and Select.


ProCurve provide a lifetime warranty on most of its products with next business day replacement. This was seen as a Unique Selling Point, until other networking vendors offered similar warranty on part of their product lines.

ProCurve delivers regional 9x5 (Business hours Monday to Friday) based support, with access via telephone-, web- and e-Mail. There is also optional fee based 24x7 access. For accelerated support solutions customer/reseller may collect following information in a prepared e-Mail in local or English (preferred) language before opening a support call:

  • Customer: Company Name, Name of local contact, Address, e-mail Address, phone number
  • Delivery location in case of parts exchange: Local Company Name, Name of local contact, Address, e-mail Address, phone number
  • P/N and S/N of main chassis
  • Short description of the problem in one sentence - comparable to subject in e-Mail
  • Long Description of problem, containing everything customer recognised and already tested
  • P/N and S/N of module or SFP, if necessary.
  • Contents of CLI command "copy command-output 'show tech all' ..." in an attached text file (up to 2 MB text) of all affected devices.
  • In case of software anomaly: Edited 'Support Form' (a text file) to be found on support pages, see External Links below
  • Customer or reseller can accelerate software anomaly verification by support very much if they isolate the anomaly to one or few devices and write a 'HowTo' including a design (Visio preferred) to the Long Description
    • Call Agent will provide Call-ID
    • Call Agent will provide destination e-Mail address
    • Customer gets verification email with link to track the call via Internet

In the public eye

The International Space Station makes use of a customized ProCurve 2524 Switch to provide a 100Mbps LAN solution in space

User Community

There are three forums for ProCurve Users existing at the HP IT Resource Center:

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