Priyamudan (English: With Love) is a Tamil movie starring Vijay and Kausalya is a story on an anti-hero subject, where the hero is of hyper-possessive nature and tries to achieve whatever he desires by any means. The movie was an interesting one, in the fact that, a superhero at his height acting as an anti-hero was unusual in Tamil cinema. The film was a super hit. Vijay's performance as anti-hero was very good.


Vijay is a son of a wealthy businessman and grows possessively. In one instance he is shown in a gift shop where the gift he likes (A TajMahal replica) was already bought by another person. This causes such a tension to him that he breaks the gift and pays the owner the damages and with a tagline - "If I can't get it, nobody can". He happens to visit Rajastan, where he meets Kausalya and falls in love immediately. Kausalya is injured in an accident and Vijay's friend rescues her by giving his blood, and being unconscious Kausalya doesn't know the face of the donor.

After she recovers, Vijay tries to enter the picture, making use of the soft-corner for her donor. Vijay claims as her donor and they both develop their romance, using this as a starting point. After their romance matures, her father comes into picture and since he had already seen her donor, he recognizes that Vijay is cheating her. The argument between Vijay and her father, Jay Ganesh, goes out of control and accidentally Vijay kills him by pushing him from the top of a building. In the meanwhile, his friend starts to like Kausalya and threatens to expose Vijay's lie to redirect her love towards him. This makes Vijay angry and in another hot argument, Vijay kills his friend.

The police is on a hot chase after Vijay and then the film enters its climax.

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