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List of fictional books from non-print media

False documents are a frequent device in literature. This is a list of fictional books that appear in television, movies, music, video games, and other non-print media. Fictional books appearing in books are listed in List of fictional books. Fictional books appearing in comics, newspapers, and the like are listed in List of fictional books from periodicals.

Fictional books from TV series

Doctor Who

Monty Python

  • My God, by theologian Monsignor Edward Gay
  • Hello Sailor, by humanist lecturer Dr. Tom Jack
  • The Problems of Kierkegaard, by Dr. Tom Jack

From the Bookshop Skit

  • The Amazing Adventures of Captain Gladys Stoat-Pamphlet and her Intrepid Spaniel Stig among the Giant Pygmies of Beckles, Volume Eight presumably by Capt. Gladys Stoat-Pamphlet
  • Biggles Combs his Hair, author unknown
  • David Coperfield by Edmund Wells
  • Ethel the Aardvark Goes Quantity-Surveying, author unknown
  • The Gospel According to Charlie Drake, presumably by Charlie Drake
  • Grate Expectations by Edmund Wells
  • A Sale of Two Titties by Edmund Wells
  • A Hundred and One Ways to Start a Fight by "an Irish gentleman whose name eludes me for the moment"
  • Knickerless Nickleby by Edmund Wells
  • Khristmas Karol by Edmund Wells
  • Olsen's Standard Book of British Birds, expurgated version (the one without the gannet)
  • Rarnaby Budge by Charles Dikkens, the well-known Dutch author
  • Thirty Days In the Samarkand Desert with the Duchess of Kent by A.E.J. Elliott, O.B.E.

Murder, She Wrote

by J.B. Fletcher

  • The Corpse Danced at Midnight
  • Dirge for a Dead Dachshund
  • A Faded Rose Beside Her
  • Murder on the Amazon
  • Lover's Revenge
  • The Umbrella Murders
  • Murder at the Inn
  • Murder at the Digs
  • Murder in a Minor Key
  • The Stain on the Stairs
  • The Mystery of the Mutilated Minion
  • The Belgrade Murders
  • Sanitarium of Death
  • Calvin Canterbury's Revenge
  • Murder at the Asylum
  • Murder Comes to Maine
  • Good-bye, Charlie
  • The Corpse That Wasn't There
  • Ashes, Ashes, Fall Down Dead
  • The Messengers of Midnight
  • The Poison in My Heart
  • All the Murderers
  • Murder at the Ridge Top
  • The Corpse at Vespers
  • The Triple Crown Murders
  • The Crypt of Death
  • A Killing at Hastings Rock
  • The Uncaught
  • Murder in White
  • The Dead Must Sing
  • The Killer Called Collect
  • Stone Cold Dead
  • Endangered
  • The Launch Pad Murders
  • Runway to Murder
  • The Venomous Valentine
  • A Case of a Half of Murder
  • Yours Truly, Damian Sinclair
  • The Dead Man Sang
  • The Corpse Swam by Moonlight

Family Guy

  • Caddyshack, the novelization
  • T and Me by George Peppard
  • For the Last Time, I'm Not Mr. T by Ving Rhames
  • Nobody Poops But You, unsuccessful toilet training book, parody of Everyone Poops
  • You're a Naughty Child, and That's Concentrated Evil Coming Out the Back of You, Catholic toilet training book
  • Peter Griffin wrote a series of erotic novels dubbed "Peterotica":
    • Angela's Asses
    • Catcher in the Eye
    • Shaved New World
    • Harry Potter and the Half-Black Chick
    • What I Would Do Sexually to Hillary Clinton
    • The Hot Chick Who Was Italian or Maybe Some Kind of Spanish

The Simpsons

  • Angelica Button and The Deadly Denouement
  • Angelica Button and The Dragon King's Trundle Bed
  • Angelica Button and the Teacup of Terror
  • Astonishing Prices Comic Book Price Guide
  • Baby's First Pop-Up Book
  • Backdoors to Citizenship, nonfiction
  • The Big Book of British Smiles, photo book
  • Bordello Repair Vol. I
  • Bork on Sex
  • A Child's Garden of Cons by Grifty McGrift, aka Grampa Simpson
  • Curious George and the Ebola Virus, a children's book
  • Forgotten Lore
  • Happiness Is a Naked Steve Allen
  • The Harpooned Heart by Marge Simpson
  • The Harpooned Heart 2: Trouble Down Under by Marge Simpson
  • How to Cook for Forty Humans, cookbook
  • How to Get Rich Writing Cartoons by John Swartzwelder
  • How to Loot Brazil
  • How to Make Love to Steve Allen
  • How to Seduce Your Lousy, Lazy Husband
  • How to Talk to a Drunken Father
  • How to Tunnel out of Prison
  • A trilogy of autobiographic books by Leonard Nimoy (the first two of which are real)
  • Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie: The Novel by Norman Mailer
  • Journey to the Center of Steve Allen
  • The Joy of Cooking Steve Allen
  • The Joy of Cooking Milhouse
  • Kosher Erotic Cakes
  • Love in the Time of Scurvy
  • Mapplethorpe, photo book
  • Married Life: A Wife-Saving Guide
  • Mr. and Mrs. Erotic American, audio book, read by Paul Harvey
  • Only Turkeys Have Left Wings by Birch Barlow
  • Owning Your Okayness, self-help, by Brad Goodman
  • Rational Thinking, Reasonable Future by Al Gore
  • Sane Planning, Sensible Tomorrow by Al Gore
  • Someone's In The Kitchen With Jesus by Rev. Timothy Lovejoy
  • Tanks of the Third Reich
  • The 10 Dos and 500 Don'ts of Knife Safety
  • The Bible for Wise-Asses
  • The Truth About Whacking Day by Bob Woodward
  • Ueberroth, a biography
  • Unidentified Flying Outrage!
  • Weight Loss Through Laborious Sex
  • Who Wants to Be a Brazillionaire?
  • Will There Ever Be A Rainbow by Montgomery Burns, autobiography
  • Your Gimmicky Restaurant by Bennigan and Fuddrucker

Star Trek universe

  • Anslem (by Jake Sisko)
  • Beyond the Galactic Edge, Humanity's Quest for Infinity (by Hesterman)
  • Book of the Kosst Amojan (Bajoran)
  • Book of the People, The (Fabrini)
  • Burning Hearts of Qo'noS from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novels
  • Call of the Prophets, The (Bajoran)
  • Cave Beyond Logic, A: Vulcan Perspectives on Platonic Thought (Vulcan)
  • Chicago Mobs of the Twenties
  • Collected Works of Jirex, The (Talaxian)
  • Clash on the Fire Plains (Vulcan)
  • Dictates of Poetics, The (by Vulcan writer T'Hain)
  • Down the River Light (17-volume book by Caster)
  • Dream of the Fire, The (Klingon)
  • Eldaxon's Collected Folklore (Talaxian)
  • Fall of Kang, The (by Klingon poet G'Trok)
  • Falor's Journey (Vulcan)
  • Ferengi Rules of Acquisition
  • Finding and Winning your Perfect Mate (by Jennings Rain)
  • Hotel Royale, The (by Todd Matthews)
  • How to Advance Your Career Through Marriage
  • Gaudaal's Lament (by Bajoran poet Akorem Laan)
  • Kir'shara, The (by Surak of Vulcan)
  • Kitara's Song (by Bajoran poet Akorem Laan)
  • Leonard McCoy's Comparative Alien Physiology (by Leonard McCoy)
  • Linear Models of Viral Propagation (by Katherine Pulaski)
  • Meditations on a Crimson Shadow (Cardassian novel by Preloc)
  • Never Ending Sacrifice, The (Cardassian)
  • Nightingale Woman (by Phineas Tarbolde)
  • Oo-mox for Fun and Profit
  • Paq'batlh, The (Klingon religious text)
  • Past Prologue (by Jake Sisko)
  • Photons Be Free by the Doctor in Star Trek: Voyager
  • Teachings of Surak, The (Vulcan, English translation by Skon)
  • The Tragedy of Khamlet, Son of the Emperor of Qo'nos (Star Trek VI - short title: The Klingon Hamlet)
  • Vulcan Love Slave (or The Arduous Journey of T'Lana on the Road to Enlightenment) in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Women Warriors at the River of Blood from Star Trek: Voyager

The X-Files and Millennium

  • A Lapful of Severed Tongues by Jose Chung
  • Dance on the Blood-Dimmed Tide by Onan Goopta
  • Doomsday Defense by Jose Chung
  • From Outer Space by Jose Chung
  • The Caligarian Candidate by Jose Chung
  • The Hacked-Up Hack by Onan Goopta
  • The Lonely Buddah by Jose Chung
  • To Serve Man by Jose Chung

Miscellaneous from television

Fictional books from films

The Royal Tenenbaums

  • Accounting for Everything: A Guide to Personal Finance by Henry Sherman (nonfiction)
  • Dudley's World by Raleigh St. Clair (nonfiction)
  • Erotic Transference by Margot Tenenbaum (play)
  • Family of Geniuses by Etheline Tenenbaum
  • Nakedness Tonight by Margot Tenenbaum (play)
  • Old Custer by Eli Cash (novel)
  • The Peculiar Neurodegenerative Inhabitants of the Kazawa Atoll by Raleigh St. Clair (nonfiction)
  • Static Electricity by Margot Tenenbaum (play)
  • Three Plays by Margot Tenenbaum
  • Wildcat by Eli Cash (novel)

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Most are parodies of a work, pointed to by the link.

In the Mouth of Madness

  • Breathing Tunnel by Sutter Cane
  • The Feeding by Sutter Cane
  • Hobb's End Horror by Sutter Cane
  • In the Mouth of Madness by Sutter Cane
  • Something in the Cellar by Sutter Cane
  • The Whisperer in the Dark by Sutter Cane

Miscellaneous from film

Fictional books from computer games

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

  • Creative Shelving for Beginners
  • The Crooked Crusader Caper by Molly Peagram (also known as Nigel Peagram), a medieval detective story
  • The Crusader Families of Ireland by Molly Peagram (under the name of Professor Peagram)
  • Hypnosis for Fun and Profit

Monkey Island series

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

  • Nonlinear Genetics by Academician Prokhor Zakharov
  • For I Have Tasted The Fruit by Academician Prokhor Zakharov
  • Address to the Faculty by Academician Prokhor Zakharov
  • The Feedback Principle by Academician Prokhor Zakharov
  • Now We Are Alone by Academician Prokhor Zakharov
  • See How They Run by Academician Prokhor Zakharov
  • We Must Dissent by Sister Miriam Godwinson
  • But For The Grace Of God by Sister Miriam Godwinson
  • Looking God In The Eye by Chairman Sheng-ji Yang

Miscellaneous from games

Fictional books from music


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