Pride Rock

Pride Rock (The Lion King)

Pride Rock is a fictional rock of the Lion King universe, where the lions's pride lives. Pride Rock looks a lot like a castle, since it is big and imposive. Pride Rock appears in all the Lion King movies, since it is one of the most important places of the whole story.

The Lion King

In the first movie, Pride Rock appears first in the scene where all the animals go to watch Simba's presentation. It appears next when Mufasa shows the Pride Lands to Simba. It is seen next in the scene when Scar introduces the hyenas to the lionesses, and then in the scene where the hyenas complain about the lack of food. The battle against the hyenas happens on Pride Rock itself, and we see Pride Rock being consumed by fire, before the rain extinguishes the flames. We then see Pride Rock during the presentation of Simba and Nala's son,"Kopa", who died before The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.

In this movie, Pride Rock is only seen from one of its sides.

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

In this sequel, Pride Rock is seen during the presentation of Simba and Nala's daughter, Kiara. It is seen next in the scene when cub Kiara wants to go out to play, and then during the "We are one", song. Then, for the first time, Pride Rock is seen from the opposite side. Next, Pride Rock is seen when Kiara is going on her first hunt, and shortly after in the scene where Zira and Nuka watch Kiara talking with Kovu. Then, Pride Rock is seen during the exile scene, and in the scene where Kiara goes to look for Kovu. In the end of the film Pride Rock gets sun of the opposite side of Pride Rock, signaling the happy ending. Pride Rock is seen again from the normal side when Mufasa says "We are one.".

The Lion King 1½

In this midquel, Pride Rock is seen first when Timon and Pumbaa have a talk about Pride Rock, and then is seen again in the scene of Simba's presentation and Pumbaa's "gas" problem. Then, Pride Rock isn't seen for most of the movie, except again in the scene of the battle against the hyenas, and in the scene where Simba roars triumphantly.

Kingdom Hearts

In the popular Disney video game Kingdom Hearts, Pride Rock can be seen. In the first installment, when Sora summons Simba, he comes out, roars atop Pride Rock, and then comes to help the heroes. In the second installment, Pride Rock is a major location in the Pride Lands world (a world based off the Lion King). However, it is much smaller than the film.

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