Presto (layout engine)

Presto (layout engine)

Presto is a layout engine for the Opera web browser developed by Opera Software. After several public betas and technical previews, it was released on January 28, 2003 in Opera 7.0 for Windows; it is the browser's current layout engine. Presto replaced the Elektra engine used in versions 4–6 of Opera. Unlike Elektra, Presto is dynamic: the page or parts of it can be re-rendered in response to DOM and script events. Presto is available only as a part of Opera browser or related products. The source or binary (DLL) forms of the engine are not publicly available. Subsequent releases have seen a number of bugs fixed and optimisations to improve the speed of the ECMAScript ("JavaScript") engine.

JavaScript engines

Two JavaScript engines are used in combination with Presto. The "linear_b" engine is used in versions based on the "Core" fork of Presto, Opera 7.0 through 9.27. The "futhark" engine is used in versions based on the "Core 2" fork of Presto, Opera 9.5 and will be used in Opera 10.

Presto-based applications

Web browsers

HTML editors

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