Press Tilton

Press Tilton

Press Tilton is a fictional character in the Pendragon series by D.J. Machale. He is the "uncle" and mentor of lead character Bobby Pendragon.

Description and History

Press is what is called a Traveler; a being empowered to protect the parallel universes known as "territories" from the villain called Saint Dane. He is considered native to Second Earth, the territory containing Earth as it is or was in the early twenty-first century, but rarely spends time there, being the only Traveler to commonly fulfill the title by moving between the territories. He is mentor to most of the Travelers who appear in the novels, including Bobby, whom he has trained especially from childhood to become leader of the Travelers.

Press is eventually killed at the end of the second book; however, he is implied to exist in an afterlife dimension in the sixth book, and resurfaces, apparently alive, at the end of the ninth in an area separate from the territories.

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