Presidential suite

Presidential suite

Presidential suite and royal suite are common names for the most expensive suite in a luxury hotel.

It gained its name during the Woodrow Wilson presidency (1913–1921) because on each of his political trips away from Washington, he would insist on having a hotel room conform to specific requirements for his visit. In the United States, every Presidential Suite since must adhere by tradition to Woodrow Wilson's specifications. It must be south-facing in the Northern Hemisphere and north-facing in the Southern Hemisphere, containing an "en-suite" bathroom and walk-in closet (in Wilson's era en-suite bathrooms were uncommon).

Famous presidential suites can be found in the Plaza Hotel in New York City, and The Fairmont San Francisco. Royal suites are more common in hotels in monarchies, such as the Ritz Hotel London.

People sometimes live in presidential suites, such as Criss Angel at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

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