Pregnancy journal

Pregnancy journal

Pregnancy journal is a type of a diary that is meant specifically for mothers to keep track of their experiences during pregnancy and a baby's birth.


The Pregnancy Journal has evolved into many different forms for modern mothers. Pregnancy journals are used to keep practical information, medical data and other information related to the conception of a baby through to the baby's birth. Pregnancy journal tools are now available in many websites. Nutrition, how to avoid discomforts associated with pregnancy, and practical parenting tips are among the topics touched on in these pregnancy journal sites.

Practical uses

According to Amy Hudock PHD[1]., pregnancy journals can be very helpful for a mother in many ways. Suggested uses include:

Document your journey through the stages of pregnancy

Clarify your reactions to the changes in your body, identity, roles, and relationships Prepare for labor and delivery

Explore expectations of new motherhood or your life with an additional child

Record your dreams for your child

Provide release for your emotional life

Explore how your past has shaped you into the mother you are or will be

Develop or clarify a parenting philosophy

Clarify your responses to different experts on pregnancy and child rearing you read


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