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List of acquisitions by eBay

This is a list of acquisitions by eBay, an online auction website launched on September 3, 1995. Each acquisition is for the respective company in its entirety, unless otherwise specified. The acquisition date listed is the date of the agreement between eBay and the subject of the acquisition. The value of each acquisition is listed in US dollars because eBay is headquartered in the United States. If the value of an acquisition is not listed, then it is undisclosed.

eBay's most expensive acquisition as of April 2008 was the purchase of Skype, a Voice over Internet Protocol company, for US$2.6 billion. The majority of companies acquired by eBay are based in the United States. A total of 26 companies have been acquired as of April 2008. Most of the acquired companies are related to online auctions.


Acquisition date Company Business Country Value (USD) References Online auction
Butterfield & Butterfield Auction house $
Billpoint E-commerce payment systems
Alando Auction house $ Online marketplace $
Precision Buying Service E-commerce payment systems
Internet Auction Co. Online auction $
iBazar Online auction $
PayPal E-commerce payment systems $ Online auction
EachNet Electronic commerce $ Online auction $
Craigslist Classified advertising $ Online auctions $ Classified advertising $
Loquo Classified advertising
Gumtree Classified advertising Online shopping $ Classified advertising
Skype Voice over Internet Protocol $ Social network service $
Tradera Online auction $
StubHub Electronic commerce $
GittiGidiyor Electronic commerce
StumbleUpon Browser plugin $


  • Purchased from Deja News
  • 25% of the company was purchased.
  • 10% of the company was purchased.


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