Prahevajra or Pramodavajra (Fl. 55 CE) (Tibetan: Garab Dorje, ; Sanskrit: Prahevajra or Pramodavajra) was the semi-historical first human teacher of the Ati Yoga (Tib. Dzogchen) or Great Perfection teachings according to Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Prior to Prahevajra, the Dzogchen teachings had been expounded only in celestial realms of the Buddhas and Devas.

Prahevajra transmitted the teachings to Manjushrimitra, who was regarded as his chief disciple. Padmasambhava is also known to have received the transmission of the Dzogchen tantras directly from Garab Dorje.

Prahevajra received the empowerment and transmission of the Mahayoga teachings of the Secret Matrix Tradition (Guhyagarbha tantra) from Mahasiddha Kukkuraja.


Born (as son of Su-dharmā, island-dwelling daughter of king Upa-rāja of ) in the land of Uddiyana, also the birthplace of Padmasambhava, Prahevajra is said to have received all the Tantras, scriptures and oral instructions of Dzogchen directly from Vajrasattva and Vajrapani. Alternatively, his mother is named as , and located on the banks of lake Kutra.

Testament of Prahevajra

Upon his death, Prahevajra imparted his last testament to Manjushrimitra. These three precepts, known as the "Three Words that Strike to the Heart of the Essential Point" or Tsig Sum Nèdek (Tibetan: tshig gSum gNad brDeg) summarize the whole of the Dzogchen teachings:

  • One is introduced directly to one's true nature or "Direct introduction." (Tibetan: ngo rang thog tu sPrad)
  • One attains certainty about this natural state or "Remaining without doubt." (Tibetan: thag gCig thog dug Cad)
  • One continues with confidence in liberation or "Continuing in the non-dual state." (Tibetan: gDengs grol thog du ’cha’)


  • 'Cutting Through the Three Times' (Wylie: Dus gsum chig chod)
  • 'Overwhelming the Six Modes of Consciousness with Splendour' (Wylie: Tshogs drug zil gnon)
  • 'Natural Freedom That Underlies Characteristics' (Wylie: mTshan ma rang grol)
  • 'Direct Encounter with the Three Kayas' (Wylie: sKu gsum thug phrad)
  • 'Vajra Fortress' (Wylie: rDo rje mkhar rdzong)
  • 'Deep Immersion in Awareness' (Wylie: Rig pa spyi blugs)

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