Prévessin-Moëns is a commune in the department of Ain in eastern France.

Demographic evolution

ImageSize = width:250 height:200 PlotArea = left:40 right:10 top:10 bottom:20 TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal AlignBars = justify Colors =

 id:gray1 value:gray(0.9)

DateFormat = yyyy Period = from:1960 till:2010 ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:10 start:1960

PlotData =
 bar:6000 color:gray1 width:1
 from:start till:end
 bar:4000 color:gray1
 from:start till:end
 bar:2000 color:gray1
 from:start till:end
 bar:0 color:gray1

LineData =
 points:(48,36)(84,41)       color:blue    width:2 #1962 tot 1968
 points:(84,41)(100,63)      color:blue    width:2 #1975
 points:(100,63)(128,83)     color:blue    width:2 #1982
 points:(128,83)(160,125)     color:blue    width:2 #1990
 points:(160,125)(196,141)  color:blue    width:2 #1999
 points:(196,141)(228,155)     color:blue    width:2 #2004/5

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Based on the article in the French Wikipedia.

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