Potemkin emulator

Potemkin (emulator)

Potemkin is an experimental open source HLE PlayStation Portable emulator that was released on May 6 2007. The original author, ector, did not want to continue work on the emulator, so he decided to release it along with the source code under the GNU GPL license. The emulator was planned to support multiple systems, such as GBA, GP32, NDS and GCN, but only the PSP emulation feature was implemented in the initial release.

End User Features

  • Playable Games: Pinball, Puzzle Bobble Pocket (some graphics missing), Puyo Puyo
  • Starts AI Go
  • Runs numerous demos from the PSP SDK

Technical Features

  • Simulated PSP kernel.
  • Mounts ISOs and CSOs.
  • Mounts Windows directories.

Technical Limitations

  • Poor emulation of the PSP kernel.
  • No VFPU emulation.
  • Mounting does not support DAX.

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