A Long Short War: The Postponed Liberation of Iraq

A Long Short War: The Postponed Liberation of Iraq is a collection of twenty two articles written by Christopher Hitchens for the online magazine Slate. The articles support the impending American led invasion of Iraq and were written between November 7, 2002 and April 18, 2003. In the preface, Hitchens is typically unapologetic about his pro-invasion stance (a stance which solidified the author's break with the anti-war leadership of modern American left), stating:

"I began from the viewpoint of one who took the side of the Iraqi and Kurdish opposition to Saddam Hussein, who hoped for their victory, and who had come to believe that the chiefest and gravest mistake of Western and especially American statecraft had been to reconfirm Saddam Hussein in power in 1991" (Hitchens, v).

Among the many individuals credited in the introduction are Barham Salih (a member of the Iraqi National Assembly and former Prime Minister of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan), Kanan Makiya (author of a number of books, including 1989's best selling Republic of Fear) and the controversy-laden Ahmad Chalabi (Former deputy Prime Minister of Iraq).

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