Pororo the Little Penguin

Pororo the Little Penguin

Pororo the Little Penguin (hangul:뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로, Porong Porong Pororo) is a cartoon series made by Korean animation firm Iconix Entertainment. Cho Jong is credited with Pororo's creation. Production began in 2002 and the program began airing on EBS-TV in 2003, and currently airs on French, Taiwanese, Indian, Scandinavian and Singaporean channels. It also started airing on Boomerang in the UK from April 2006. It currently airs on Cartoonito, the sister channel for Cartoon Network, Cartoon Network TOO and Boomerang. The adventures of Pororo and his friends can now be seen in 80 nations.


Pororo is a little penguin, living in Antarctica. He gets up to adventures with his friends: Poby the polar bear, Loopy the beaver, Harry the hummingbird, Crong the dinosaur, Petty the penguin, and Eddy the fox.

Pororo yearns to fly and several episodes chronicle his misadventures in trying to achieve this feat. He is always getting into mischief and playing practical jokes on his friends. He lives in an alpine shaped house, with his sidekick friend Crong.

Crong is a baby dinosaur, found by accident one day as an unhatched egg by Pororo (episode I). Thinking it would make a nice omelette, Pororo rolls the enormous egg home but is surprised when it hatches as he's about to crack the shell. As Pororo is the first person Crong sees when he hatches, he thinks of him as a parent. Crong is often seen lazing about Pororo's house and plays sidekick to Pororo's many adventures.

Loopy is the only female character until Petty comes on the show. she enjoys cooking and the arts. Pororo and Eddy are always vying for her attention. Often portrayed as the mother of the group of friends, Loopy mediates/resolves most of the problems they encounter. She makes her home in a giant hollowed out log.

Poby the Polar Bear lives in a home in a side of a glacier (as evidenced by various interior shots showing ice/snow walls). His prime interest is photography and ice fishing. He is portrayed as a gentle giant.

Eddy is the intellectual one of the group. In most episodes he is often depicted inventing things, from trains and giant robots to rocketships. Most of these inventions do go horribly wrong for him and anyone else who gets caught up in his antics. Though his best friend is Pororo, the two of them are always competing against one another. Eddy's home is a giant tree stump.

Series guide

  • Series 1 52x5' Produced in 2003
  • Series 2 52x5' Produced in 2005
  • Special "Pororo to the Cookie castle" 1x70' Produced in 2004

(Source : Iconix Entertainment)

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