PopArt Comics

PopArt Comics

Founded by the artist Rafael Albuquerque, PopArt Comics strives to work for foreign publishers, dealing with well-established characters and developing stories that are, not only, reader-friendly and very entertaining, but also the customer's satisfaction, through market share analysis and focusing on the desirable target audience.

With its HQ based on Porto Alegre (Southern Brazil), the studio is blessed with the luck of having collaborators from all over the country, which bring a handful of styles and influences that make possible to always match the most appropriate drawing style with a given job. The main team is eclectic in its own way too, which always brings new opportunities to the company such as providing material for AK Comics.

Albuquerque, 24 years old, says he was contacted about two years ago by the founder of the AK Comics, Ayman Kandeel, who was interested by the work exhibited in the artist's personal website. "It was my first professional experience abroad," said the drawing artist, who has worked with comic books for five years.

The studio PopArt itself was founded in the beginning of 2005, but since the beginning the Brazilians have been working in the publications. Each one of the four heroes has his own monthly magazine, published in English and Arabic and distributed in the Arab world, Europe, and soon regularly in the United States.

According to Albuquerque, the studio has the capacity for the entire process of a comic book, from the idea to the final art and colouring on the computer. However, they also outsource. Currently there are artists from the states of Ceará (Northeast of Brazil) and São Paulo (Southeast) collaborating with the company. The production of a comic book takes in average 30 days.

Today the PopArt team is responsible for the magazines Aya and Jalila, but has already worked with all the AK Comics characters. Although the heroes were created by the Egyptian publishing house, the Brazilians contributed to the increase of supporting characters. The ChessMaster, who is today Rakan's archenemy, was created by the Brazilian artists.

Currently PopArt is working on Savage Brothers, Jeremiah Harm, Pirate and Ninja Tales and Two Guns, all these for the publisher Boom!Studios Entertainment, and Rafael Albuquerque recently signed with DC Comics, as the regular Blue Beetle artist.


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