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Mishpacha (magazine)

Mishpacha is a weekly Orthodox Jewish magazine published in Jerusalem; it was founded in 1987. Its name means "family" in Hebrew. The Hebrew edition is part newspaper, but the English version is a magazine. It reflects the various views of the Haredi public in Israel and the rest of the world.

The Hebrew and English edition differ in content and style.

It is probably the most read magazine today amongst the Haredi sector.

Ownership and management

It is owned by Eliyahu Paley, a Yerushalmi, together with the backing of a group of investors, mostly non-orthodox.

As a Jewish newspaper that claims to speak for the Orthodox sector and not owned or controlled by a certain political movement or sector, it is obliged to abide by the guidance of rabbinical advisors who take responsibility for its content.

It is the only Orthodox Jewish newspaper that publishes its content online.

Editors and writers

  • Eliyahu Paley, CEO and driving force behind the Mishpacha Publishing Group, has an extensive background in Torah learning, as well as in business. He studied full-time in the Chevron Yeshivah and kollel till the age of 26 when he initiated the Hebrew Mishpacha. Since 1990 he steadily developed his brainstorm from a small magazine to an international publication with a global readership. He lives with his family in Jerusalem.
  • Rabbi Moshe Grylak, Editor-In-Chief of Mishpacha, combines his solid background in Torah study with decades of diverse experience in writing, speaking, in his work for Jewish outreach. Grylak learned in Kol Torah and the Ponovezher kollel, later teaching Torah in Brazil and in an Israeli hesder yeshivah. For close to a decade, he penned a column in the secular paper Maariv, presenting Torah ideals in a language and style palatable to the average Israeli. Grylak went on to found Yated Ne’eman and served as editor-in-chief for its first two years in print. In addition to writing over twenty sefarim on Judaism and Torah topics, he has also authored many vastly popular novels. For the past twelve years, he has served as editor-in-chief of Mishpacha. He lives with his family in Jerusalem.
  • Faigel Safran, Managing Editor. She is a graduate of Hunter College in New York City. She made aliyah with her husband in 1992, and lives with her family in a suburb outside of Jerusalem.
  • Yosi Elitov Assistant editor, He is a chabad Chasid who is upbringing being the son of a rabbi and teach-ed to reach out to other Jews, made the perfect journalist on everything Jewish.
  • Binyamin Rose, News Editor. He is a Borough Park native who graduated from New York University with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and spent nearly a decade as a print and broadcast journalist, winning awards from the Associated Press for his news coverage. He then pursued a longtime interest in finance and turned it into a career, serving as an investment advisor at Dean Witter in Miami, Florida, for eight years. On moving to Israel with his family in July 1993, Mr. Rose studied in kollel and then spent three years as Project Manager for the JerusalemCom public relations firm before joining Mishpacha in March 2004.

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