Ponderal index

Ponderal index

The ponderal index is measure of leanness of a person calculated as a relationship between height and mass.

It is most commonly used in pediatrics.

The ponderal index is variously defined as follows:

Formula Units for mass
(body weight)
Units for height
(or length)
Values corresponding to "normal"
BMI in a 180 cm tall person
PI=1000*(sqrt[3]{mass}/height) kilograms centimetres 21.75 to 24.0
PI=100*(sqrt[3]{mass}/height) kilograms centimetres 2.175 to 2.4
PI=height/sqrt[3]{mass} pounds inches 13.92 to 12.49
PI=mass/{height}^3 kilograms metres 10.3 to 13.9

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