Polylogism is a fallacy often associated with social philosophy according to which persons of different races, social classes or time periods use different kinds of logic. Marxism, Nazism, and some other political and social philosophies allegedly make this mistake. For example, Marxists have contrasted "proletarian logic" with "bourgeois logic", and Nazis have contrasted "Aryan logic" with "Jewish logic", etc.

Since any two of these "logics" can conflict they can not be part of the same logical system. However, since people holding these various "logics" live in the same reality all of these "logics" must be compatible with this reality and therefore with each other. Since these "logics" would then have to be compatible with each other but also possibly incompatible they would self-contradictory, and thus could not be considered valid. By contrast the fallacy of polylogism considers them to be equally valid.

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